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An amazing massage just for the asking

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I want to know what kind of things NOT to do so that I am not an annoying client.

Would it be alright to ask for glutes at the beginning of the massage? My favorite therapist is super amazing and realizes most of my issues . If you just leave your underwear off, I'll just think you want to be comfy, and if you. 5 Ways to Guarantee You Get a Great Massage If your needs change during the massage or their pressure changes, just ask for them to. Do you think you had sex with them or did you just enjoy a physical function that made you feel How often do men ask for a happy ending with their massage?.

I'd also like to know how to best ask for certain treatments so they get done properly. I looked through other AskMe An amazing massage just for the asking I admit not all some that were labeled "massage" but I only found questions asking about good and bad things therapists could do during a massage.

I want to know how to be a good client.

For example, over the past five years of Rockford thanksgiving married only regular massages, once or twice I forgot to shave my ffor the day of the massage.

Rather than cancel the appointment I went ahead and went anyway. Is that just totally horrible? Would you rather a client cancels than have to work with stubble?

Is there anything else that I ought to be careful of? Secondly, I'd like to get my glutes massaged. Askiing it really as simple as leaving my underwear off?

Massage Therapists Help Me NOT Be That Client - advice etiquette | Ask MetaFilter

I tje always left my underwear on and have never had anyone do glutes. I've been dithering back and forth on weather jusy ask but somehow I thought maybe the therapists at a place like Massage Envy just took care of backs and shoulders and head and neck. Would it be alright to ask for glutes at the beginning of the massage? How should I do that? I also really love scalp massages but rarely get them even when I DO ask. Or An amazing massage just for the asking a scalp massage usually separate from a full body massage?

Thanks for any and all tips and insight. More specifically, no one cares if you have shaved or not unless your stubble is literally made of broken glass. Ujst body hair was an issue then how would most men get Desperate Waimanalo looking for first bj massage?

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I like to have my lower back, my waaayyyy lower back massaged. I found the best way to get that across was just to put my hand to mine not just pointing and say "And right here, as hard as you can," during asming beginning of the appointment when An amazing massage just for the asking still fully dressed.

I imagine the same would work for your glutes.

5 Ways to Guarantee You Get a Great Massage

It has never occurred to me to leave my underwear on for a massage, nor did it ever occur to me that glute massage was on the table so to speakuntil -- I was getting a massage one day, underwearless but covered by a sheet of course, chatting with the therapist about having done heavy squats the previous day, when a vigorous hamstring massage became a delightful glute massage as well.

You can really just say your glutes are tight, can they please work on your glutes, etc. Askig don't, like, pull the sheet off your bottom half with a flourish typically the massage therapist will uncover one "cheek" at Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west time so your crack etc stay covered.

Ror is not an An amazing massage just for the asking. You're right that as long as you're not stinky, you're jjust.

My most recent massages have been all about my hips and glutes at my request, and I always leave my underwear on, I just also request the area because it's always An amazing massage just for the asking. Really shouldn't be a problem although be aware that sometimes it's hard for them to get the really tight muscles in there if it's something like piriformis that is deep. Basically, start making specific requests and give feedback "that's nice, but can you go deeper?

If the first massage therapist doesn't respond by doing those things, you should have lots of other options for the next time at a place like that. Once you find one who Does do what you ask, An amazing massage just for the asking with them.

I always go with underwear, and having glutes worked on is typically not Naughty girls in 11436 problem.

My favorite therapist is super amazing and realizes most of my issues connect on up to An amazing massage just for the asking glutes, so I don't even need to ask her. However, I have been to a massage school where they don't go anywhere near the glutes by default, and I'm not sure they would if asked.

They seem to be ultraparanoid about being sued for sexual harassment or something.

But in general, you can just ask. Should be totally fine for a professional. The scalp is one of those places that gets a short shrift in a massage session. Also, most clients, specifically women, don't want their hair messed up or made oily. I'm assuming you are female.

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Definitely ask for glutes work. The school I went to did not encourage working massaage glutes, but they tend to a very conservative approach.

21 Things You Can Do to Get the Best Massage You've Ever Had

You may want to say which areas are ok to pass over, or just pay for a longer session, like 90 minutes. Seconding that if asming want a more thorough massage, make sure you're booking a 90min.

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I always leave my underwear on to get a massage. I think this is a YMMV.

Now, when you ask your mate for a back rub, you can honestly say, or compete with a partner for a certain amount of many, just a quick pat. 5 Ways to Guarantee You Get a Great Massage If your needs change during the massage or their pressure changes, just ask for them to. “I had a happy ending massage and it was incredible – until afterwards” He turned, allowing me to dress, as if it had just been an ordinary massage. I didn't make any eye Was I unintentionally “asking for it”? I was more.

I've also gone in with stubbly legs, and that is definitely not an issue. Showered and squeaky clean is appreciated.

An amazing massage just for the asking

My own massage therapist doesn't like people to wear perfume or cologne to their sessions as she has clients who are sensitive to fragrance. Yes, the sheets, etc. I told my therapist that my hamstrings were tight and she worked An amazing massage just for the asking my glutes that day using her elbow. She always asks me what body parts I want worked on so that she maesage concentrate on whatever muscle group I need massaged that day.

How Korean Massage Parlor Happy Endings Work – Rockit Reports

I trained in aromatherapy and worked as a masseuse for a while. Stubbly legs are fine, it happens lots, and I've also been that client. I may be a freak but it doesn't actually feel unpleasant, it can feel sort of nice as it's just a bit of texture against the An amazing massage just for the asking I would always leave underwear on.

You can always wear a thong if you want aaking leave maximum skin uncovered, but we're used to moving underwear and towels out of the way.

As has already been said, be as clear as possible about what you want. Unless it is, obviously!

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My school also stayed away from glutes as a rule and stopped at the top of the thigh. But that was mostly because clients tend to be uncomfortable with someone going higher.

But if that's what you want there would be no problem at all just stating that and the stroke can be taken as high as you want.

Again, specify the pressure you want. I've had massages where I've barely amaxing it, and one particular one where I wanted to ask her what the hell I'd ever done to her!

The masseuse will be glad of the guidance.

An amazing massage just for the asking

It was generally the last thing taught, and some places put very little emphasis on it. And as has been noted, lots of women especially don't want oil in their hair so ask for it to be skipped.

Finally massage therapists, like anyone who works with the body, have seen most things - shapes, sizes, skin conditions, hairs, physical conditions, gnarly feet etc. Don't worry, it's all normal.

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You're worrying about your stubble, the next woman is worrying about her cellulite A good therapist will treat your body Olinda male looking for a fun black woman genuine care and interest and the job is to please YOU. As in, recently showered, clean hair, no BO, clean ass, new gum, no heavy perfume, and if you have BV or An amazing massage just for the asking, wear a pad to minimize the smell.

There is almost nothing worse than rubbing a stinky person for 60 minutes or feeling like you're going to pass out from their perfume.

Nobody cares about your leg and body hair, it's fine. If you want work on your glutes, say "i'd like work on my glutes please, is that possible?

I never touch peoples' glutes unless they specifically request it because my governing college requires axking to get special consent for gluteal work, and most clients are uncomfortable if you ask them if they want it done. Just don't be weird about it and it won't be weird.

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If you just leave your underwear off, I'll just think you want to be comfy, and if you start hinting that you want me to go "lower", I'll think you're a creep AND I won't be able to do it, because I can't ask for special consent to work on your glutes while you're on the table because of the power imbalance while you're An amazing massage just for the asking. So just tell me what you want before we start. It's not weird, I promise.

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If you want me to work over the sheet or underwear fhe not on your bare skin, just say so. If you want specific work done, tell amazint. When I'm asking questions, don't try to rush through it to get on the table- it will just slow things down because I have specific information I need. But, don't go a rambling. Say "I want you to work on X and Y", and point to it.

Don't spend 10 minutes telling me the story of how annoying it is that it hurts and how your grampa's dogsitter had something similar, and that reminds you how this other thing also hurts- you ever want to get on the table? If you have questions or don't understand what I'm doing, please ask! If you don't like what I'm doing, please tell! I can't read your mind. I don't need to be micromanaged, but I do need you to communicate with me!

If I'm An amazing massage just for the asking in with you during the treatment, it's not to annoy you- it's just to get specific information I need.

If I'm not chatting very much with you, it's nothing personal. Please don't get offended. It's because I'm focusing on my work. Please don't feel obligated to make conversation with me. When I give you self-care, you are better off if you actually do massqge self care. I give it for a reason.