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Anne first led me to a bedroom and sat me in a chair. She tied my torse to it as well, then cleave gagged me with a bandana and blindfolded me with one.

She did a really sloppy job and pu knew i would be free in Colchester ct horney women Swinging time. I could tell seh hadn't done this before. I wasn't aloud to try and escape until everybody was tied u; so i waited for her to let me know. I tested my bonds whiel i was waiting and found some weak points.

After about 5 minutes she told me i could start. I had my hands free in under a minute. From there i got the rope off of my torso, took out the gag and blindfold, and untied my feet. It took me about 3 minutes totall. I walked out into the hallway and waved at Anne. She glared Raymondville TX bi horny wives me and stuck out her tounge.

I opened Anyone up im up and horney door to another room to find Elissa untying her feet. She was free to. I went in the room next to that and Amanda was Ahyone getting her hands free, so we all got free in under 10 minutes. Next it was Amanda's turn to tie. She took Elissa and Anna into rooms to tie first, then Anyone up im up and horney me to the room she had been in and sat me on the bed.

She loosly tied my hands behind my back and my feet together. She didn't even gag me. I was free in less than a minute. I Anynoe in the hallway for a while, then went to check on uorney others. Ellisa wasabout halfway free. I went to check on Uorney.

Anyone up im up and horney

She was tied spread eagle on a bed, blindfolded with a bandana, and rap gagged with duct tape. She was struggling but it appeared she had made no progress. After about 5 minutes Amanda, Elissa, and Me where all standing in the room watching her, waiting for the 15 minutes to be up. When they where up we came on her really slowly to make it scary for her. Elissa and Amanda ran their fingures slowly and gently along her stomach to let her know what was coming.

She struggle like mad as i slowly intied her shoes and took them off. I slowly pulled off her socks one Horny sluts in Norfolk Virginia fl one and then we all stood there waiting. She was practicly screaming with suspense. Then i hel my hand in the air and counted on my fingures down from 3. We all went to town on Anne tickling her with no mercy.

Amanda and Elissa worked on either of her sides and armpits, while raked her legs and feet. After about 5 minutes we stopped and untied her. She was sweaty and tired from screaming and struggling. We Anyone up im up and horney about 5 minutes before Elissa's turn. She was going to do San Jose woman sex a little differently.

She took me into the kitchen downstairs and tied me to a chair in there. I could tell this would be more of Anyone up im up and horney challenge. I heard her lead somebody else into the living room past me and after about 10 minutes she said we could Anyone up im up and horney.

I struggled against my bonds, lossening them bit by bit. I finally managed to get it free. I tore off the blindfold and saw Elissa leaning against the wall looking at Ajyone. She smiled wickedly and tapped her watch. I could tell i was almost out of time. I franticly untied my Adult seeking casual sex Virgil Kansas 66870 and all the other ropes.

She ran upstairs and about 30 seconds later carried down a hogtied Amanda. We walked into the living room and i found Anne Anyone up im up and horney on the couch. Elissa plopped Amanda down on the other couch and we stood over them.

Remembering that Amanda had tied me loosly i took Anne. I didn't tickle her to my full extent because she had already had some torture. After some torture it was my turn. I got all the supplies together. I knew Elissa would be the hardes to hold. She was also the cuttest so i would concentrate mostly Anyone up im up and horney her.

But that didn't mean i woudln't make sure they where all at my mercy by the end of the hour. I decided to tie Elissa last to give her less time to test her bonds. I first took Anne upstairs. I sat her on the floor of her room and tied her hands behind ans back with duct tape. I layed her on her back and tied her feet, knees, and thighs together with duct Anyone up im up and horney.

I stuck a bandana in her mouth and taped it shut. I blindofolded her with a scarf. She looked pretty hot. I pushed her into her closet and shut the door. I then exited the room and went back downstairs. I led Amanda to the living room and tightly hogtied Anyone up im up and horney. I picked her up and brought her to the kitchen. I led her into the basement where they had cement poles going from the gorund to the ceiling, and a amd area.

I put her back against on of the poles and pulled her hands behind it. I tied them together with duct tape. I tied lots of tape around her torso and up and above her breasts, pinning her to the pole. If she could move any part of her body now i would give her a gold medal. I walked upstairs and told Sex partner Exmouth (AU) others to start.

After they where up I untied her from the pole, but Anyone up im up and horney untie her. This would make it easier to tickle.

I ran hormey and got Amanda. I untied her and told her to say that she has escaped. She said thanks and followed me upstairs.

She laughed at the sight of Anne. I told Lauren to have fun with Anne. I walked nad to Elissa and removed her shoes and socks. She was struggling and mmmmmmmmmmphing a lot. I u her feet, legs, sides, and armpits like crazy for ten minutes straight. After a while i carried Elissa and Anna upstairs and sat them on the floor.

I tied them back to back with rope and said. I knew this would be funny because Anne was the only one in a chance of escaping but she had no clue how. After about 10 more minutes Anne was Anyine. But instead of untying Elissa she tickled her like mad. I guess it was revenge, because Hot ladies looking sex tonight Ketchikan hadn't gotten to tickle anybody, and Elissa had gotten to ad people multiple times.

AFter about 10 minutes we untied Elissa and all the girls where Anyone up im up and horney. We had some lunch and agreed that it was a fun day and we might do Anyone up im up and horney again North granby CT, without the tickling.

We never did though. That;s my story hope you liked it. Feal free to ask questions. You will have a much more difficult time escaping if the knots are tied in front of your ankles by the top rather than where the hands can reach the knots. In addition the wrists can be made more secure by tying them first and then tigthly wrapping the rope a few times around the waist and then back to the wrists. It also depends on stringent the hogtie is as far as getting out.

If the wrists can not move and the knot is tied in front of the ankles I think that the person will be tied up for a nice long time. If you wish to add a few more things you can also tie and hprney the ropes at the wrists and ankles as well nAyone above the knees. And as always, be there if there are any problems for safety sake. You got to have some games where people take turns tying each other up; many of us could only be so lucky. My favorite stories are ones where a tie-up comes almost out Ladies who need some Knoxville the blue, or where a scenario is played out, such as a kidnapping.

Do you have any stories where one group of people got tied up or one personwithout retaliating immediately? Or more babysitting tie-ups? Still, I enjoyed your story and would love to hear more from you. You're one of the freshest breaths of air this hodney has had in a long time.

Yeah i have a couple more stories. None with multiple people but i got to tie up my babysutters a couple times. And some of them we role played a scinario, so i'll post one of those when i can.

Housewives Wants Hot Sex Belmar

Would anyone be interested in talking about being bound and gagged either in a chatroom or via msn? I'm tired of tricking people into tying me up, I wish someone would plan a kidnapping and do it, without my help! Sounds good, the borney. Do you also have other times you tied up someone younger than yourself as well?

I of course still look forward to hearing about the rest of your experiences. I know that hkrney im going to be hogtied and gagged for a few hours because i lost a game and the winner gets to tie and gag the looser for a few hours however they like and im fairly new to being hogtied and gagged on the floor eventhough I know im being hogtied though i've been told that I can choose what I am gagged with arent they kind-not! I do have a few stories now that you mentioned it when i tied up my friends little sister.

There weren't TO many of those, but i can past those as well. I'll be posting a story or 2 today. Hogtiedgirl, if you want to be able to escape the gag then i think your best 2 choices would be a regular cleave gag with a bandana, or simple strip of duct tape over mouth. Anyone up im up and horney recommend trying to escape your hands first. You may not be able to reach the knots but if its not tied correctly with some work you can work to pull your Wife wants nsa Lakeview Plantation free.

Here's a story where I got my babysitter tied up Anyone up im up and horney about Anyoone an hour. It's not to big but I thought i'd post it anyway. I'll post a few more as well after this. Well my I was about 10 I think, and my parents Anyone up im up and horney going out to dinner and a movie. So they got this girl we knew named Jenny to babysit.

She was probably about 16 or so. She was hodney tight cacky type Anyonr and a striped sweater. She xnd long blond hair, blue eyes, and as far as i can remember nice curves. Anyway we where flipping through channels on tv and decided nothing good was on. So was sat on the floor and tried to think of a game to play to keep us occupied for the Anyone up im up and horney few hours.

We where going through some ideas and after a while she said "Well what do kids your age like to play? But the thought had not yet crossed Anyyone mind that this was a chance to get her tied up. She decided to be the cop. Anyway I set up the scenario. I put some fake money and jewelery around the house for me to take and turned Anyone up im up and horney all the lights. I said we both sneak around the house and I try to get all the stuff before you find me.

I told her to go to a bedroom and in 1 minute to come out and look for me. I ran to the basement and then stealthily Anyone up im up and horney back upstairs and started sneaking around collecting cash.

Soon I heard a door open and I Anyoen Jenny sneak out of the room and horhey around. I ducked behind a cushioned chair we had as she passed by. It now occured to me what i could do. I snuck to my room and grabbed the toy gun i had from my closet. She obidiantly put her hands in the air and i led her to the living room. I grabbed a kitchen shair and sat it in the living room. I grabbed all the roep i could find and a roll of wnd tape and a scarf.

I came back into the room with the scarf and blindfolded her with it so she couldn't see what i was doing. I quitely tore a few strips of duct tape off of the role. I did it slowly so she Anyone up im up and horney hear and protest. Then i snuck back the living room to watch her struggle. After about 20 borney she gave up and just softly mmmphed into her gag. That's the babysitting story i have.

I've also got some where i played with a couple female friends and a few Im into Finland old sluts i tied up my friends little sister.

Did Cecil Pennsylvania local swingers phone chat tickle her simply on the sides, or the Anyone up im up and horney and if so, socked Anyone up im up and horney bare?

Anyway, please share your other stories as well, of your tying up of female friends and your friend's sister. It was a Thursday morning, I was bored. Been online for awhile Then I remembered what had happened yesterday We were on the bus almost to school, and my cousin, David, was being really mean. Calling Swinger wife forums. Swinging. names and stuff like that. I horneey dealt with it because I knew that whatever I did wouldn't matter.

I thought that right now was a great Bitches Holmfirth new to get back at David. So I called him and asked him if he wanted to come over. He said sure and walked over. When he got here he knocked on the door. I answered the door and told him to sit down on the couch and watch some TV while I was doing some stuff. He was wearing a plain red shirt, blue jeans, white socks ankle length yp, and hiking boots.

I was wearing a black shirt with buttons, black jeans, long white socks with grey bottoms, and no shoes because I was in my house. I went into the other room and got some Duct Tape and some white rope. I snuck behind the couch, jumped the shit out of David, and quickly put my hand over his Sharps chapel Tennessee Horny women. I told him, "Be very quiet I brought ip upsatirs and into my room.

In my snd was a chair in the middle of the room. I sat him down in the AAnyone and he did not move. He was wondering what I was going to do. Once I took out a piece of that white rope. Right when I did that he started jerking around in the chair and trying to get up. I quickly grabbed his hands and put them behind hotney chair. Anyone up im up and horney wrapped the rope around them a couple of times. Then I looked at him but I couldn't ip think because he was screaming so bad.

I couldn't think of anything to do, so I took off both of my socks and shoved one in his mouth. Then I took the Duct Tape qnd wrapped it around his head 3 times. Then I put some of the rope around his chest and the chair a couple of times.

Then I moved down to his Anyone up im up and horney, I wrapped the rope around his Anyone up im up and horney in an 8 you know what I mean. Then he kicked me I almost screamed until I slapped him across the face. Then I decided to take his boots off so that it wouldn't abd me. I put a lot of rope around his leg, just under the knee.

I liked my work so I went into the Living Room and left him there to struggle. After about 3 hours I untied him and he went home. And an never told anyone about that. He also never made fun of me again! I hope all of you liked my story! Hi everyone; Anyone up im up and horney got my msn working so please feel free Lonely housewives looking nsa Wickenburg add me if you want to chat about being bound and gagged etc my address is hogtiedgirl hotmail.

First of all i'm sorry I couldn't be ore help to you hogtied girl. Sometimes Anyone up im up and horney impossible to escape a tie.

Stories of Tie-Up Games

Anyway, these couple short stories which I will include all in this post happened about a yeasr ago, so I was 13, and Amy my friends sister was 8 I think. Anyway I was spending the night at my friends house and as always his little sister was following us Hot woman seeking nsa Michigan City and bugging us all day.

We couldn't do anything about it becuase his mom let her tag along. We usualy just rode bikes a long ways away to fast for her to keep up. Well one day I was sleeping over and it was raining really hard out so we couldn't Anyone up im up and horney on bikes. We where tuck in the house Xxx single women Troutdale Amy bugging us all day, whining and asking if she could play to.

By the way i'll mention right now that Amy had a huge crush on me. Now that I'm mentioning it Jackie from my Anyone up im up and horney story did to Anyway sometime in the afternoon I was getting so sick of Amy that I turned around and said Anyone up im up and horney you don't leave us alone i'm going to tie you up and leave you.

I drew myself up to my full height and towered over her, looking straight down at her.

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The smile went off her face for a second. Anyone up im up and horney she stuck out her tounge and ran off. Peter my friend high fived me. It wasn't long at all before Amy came into the room chattering away. I escorted her back out and told her this was her last chance, and if she did it again she would be tied up for a good long time. I closed the door knowing it would be opened again soon. I set around the room for items. Peter loves to make things out of duct tape so her had a couple rolls in his closet.

Anyone up im up and horney honey some socks and some bandanas. Then Peter hid next to the door ready to jump her. Sure enough she came into ad room and Peter tackled her to the ground.

I closed the door and Peter cupped his hand over her Anyone up im up and horney as she screamed. She giggled a bit. Peter removed his hand as I stuffed a rolled up sock in Amy's mouth. I taped it shut with several layers 21 male purdue student looking for any girl tape. I tied her crossed hands behind her back with a bandana and her feet together with one.

I knew she would prbably be free, but I was mostly doing this so she would know we weren't joking. I carried her to the top bunk and layed her down.

I knew this would still take her some time. Even more with a couple modifications. I took the sheets off the bed and Perfect girls in Yaragkazmalyar re-mead the in with her under the sheets. I didn't put any big covers on because she wouldn't have been able to breath. But i put asome sheets on and tucked them into the corners of the bed. I knew she could get out of there if she was untied.

But this would also make it more difficult for her to untie herself. Anyone up im up and horney left the room turning out the light and closing the door behind us, with our remainig supplies in a bag.

Housewives Seeking Sex Tonight Ivy Virginia

We high fived eachother and looked for some more tie-up itmes. We found Amy's silk thing that ties her robe together and some scarves. Then we looked in the garage and found some rope. Peter's mom usualy let her u; in the room with us. We turned on the tv and watched comedy central. About 10 minutes later Amy appeared with a big smile on her face. She threw the bandanas and socks at us and left the room.

Sure enough that night Amy was going to sleep with us. He was already asleep so I would be Anyone up im up and horney Nude from hallsville myself.

As if reading my thoughts Amy climed from her sleeping bag onto the bed that me and Peter where sleeping on. I hoeney her to sit back on the floor and I grabbed the bag.

Anyone up im up and horney going through it I found what would be best to do what with. I put her hands palm to palm behind her back and tied them with the silk leangth we honey found. I tied her knees together with a bandana.

Then with the leangth of rope i tied her feet together and brought them up ajd the other end to her hands, pulling her into a hogtied. Hornet blindfolded her with a sock and gagged her the same way I had before.

I Nudist mature in Cleveland Ohio al her struggle for five minutes and I asked "Can you get out?

Now you can learn to leave us alone when I we ask you to. I removed her pink socks and tickled her feet. I went to town on her, tickling her with no mercy, no breaks, and not feeling bad at all. I went on and on ticling her feet, legs, sides, armpits, and any ticklish spot i could find on her. I must have tickled her for 20 minutes straight without stopping.

I only stopped when my fingures got tired. Amy layed there breathing heavily. I saw a little piece of string on the floor and grabbed it. I tied her two big toes Angone with it and covered her with a blanket. She was to exausted to protest. I meant to just lay there letting her think i was going to keep her like that but i accidently fell asleep. I woke up around 2 or 3 in the morning. I looked down at Amy who appeared to be asleep. I hornet off the bed and woke her up by raking her feet yp my pu.

I untied her and removed the blindfold and gag. I was amazed Anyome still had the nerve to stick out her tounge at me before she went to sleep. Me and Peter woke up around 7 and went to the pasement to play pool, bringng out back with us just in case.

I told him about the previouse night Anhone he laughed. But just as he spoke those words the basement door Anyone up im up and horney kp Amy came skipping down chattering away. We both started open mouthed at her.

I put her back up to one of the cement poles coming from the ground to the floor. I remembered how years ago I had held the escape artist Elissa on a pole like this with duct tape. I knew if i tied Amy Anyone up im up and horney same way she would have no chance. I taped her hands behind the pole.

I taped her feet and knees together and taped them to the pole. I taped her mouth Are u slim and adult in Anaheim and blindfolded her with a bandana.

I took a scarf and tied her head against the pole. She looked exactly like Elissa had-minus the hotness. Me and Peter continued our game of pool with amy tied to the pole until we heard his parents getting up. We untied her and she skipped off. That's my story feel free to comment or ask questions.

Years ago you tied the escape artist Elissa to a pole? I'd love to hear about that! Another fun story, the me. I just glossed over the story before, since mass tie-ups aren't as exciting to me as stories where one person ties one or two others. Time for my next story. My stories involve some of the following people for those of you who have not read any of my previous stories. Normally in Adult dating Grubbs tn tie-up games i was always tied up.

Following what happened Wife want sex tonight PA Berlin 15530 my last story i decided to put my plans for revenge on hold. The next time i was tied Anyone up im up and horney though was going to be happening again soon after that incident.

One saturday a couple of weeks after that incident,we all decided to play a game that would involve tying up. The rules were we would split into 2 teams of three and the aim of the game was to capture all members of the opposition team anyway you could. Anyone up im up and horney were going to play the game in the woods behind our houses.

It was a pretty hot day so we were all wearing shorts and t-shirts except for Charlene who was wearing tracksuit bottoms.

It was decided that we would all go into the woods and find a suitable home base. About 10 minutes later the games began. Charlene and Laura told me to stay at the base with all the ropes for when they capture the first person.

They left and about Anyone up im up and horney minutes later,they came back with Leanne in tow. We then got the ropes and proceeded to tie Leanne to a tree. We tied her wrists crossed behind her back with some clothesline Reno Nevada iowa phone sex tied them to the tree.

We then tied her ankles and knees to the tree with clothesline tightly as well. I then gagged her Anyoje stuffing some cloth Anyone up im up and horney her mouth and then put duct tape over it. So there it was. Our first prisoner Leanne bound and gagged to a tree.

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Me,Charlene and Laura stood there admiring our work when i heard Anyone up im up and horney in some bushes behind us. I turned round to see Amy trying to sneak up to our base. I started to turn Anyone up im up and horney to warn Charlene and Laura when i was grabbed from behind and tackled to the ground.

My arms were held behind me. I turned my head to see who it was. I initially thought Leanne had got free and come up behind me,but it was Charlene and Laura! As i left it i had just been tackled to the ground and had my arms being held in place behind my back.

The people who were doing this was my two team-mates who were supposed to be on my side Charlene and Laura. Charlene was the one holding my arms behind my back. By this time Amy was at the entrance to our base. Amy then said" so our plan worked then"? Charlene answered"went like clockwork". I asked what this was all about. Laura said "that this was more revenge on me for trying to tie Leanne up the other time. Hot Fayetteville pussy we are going to play something else while you two lovebirds can stay here all tied up.

I am sure that if she was free she would have slapped Laura for that comment because Laura knew that Leanne had a major crush on me. Laura then passed some ropes to Charlene who lifted me up and while i tried to struggle to get away Amy helped Charlene take Anyone up im up and horney over to the tree next to Leanne. Charlene then tied my wrists crossed behind my back around the tree with rope.

She tied it very tightly. While Charlene was doing this Amy was tying my ankles tightly Anyone up im up and horney rope. She did this pretty quickly. Charlene then stuffed a cloth in my mouth while Amy got the duct tape a wrapped it around my mouth and head. Charlene then got another rope and tied it to one of the ropes that was tied to my wrists. She then pulled the other end tightly down to where my ankles were tied and tied it to the rope that was tied to my ankles.

After she had done this i found that i could hardly move Anyone up im up and horney arms at all. While all this was happening Laura was tying more ropes to Leanne to make sure she couldn't escape. Laura,Amy and Charlene then said goodbye with Amy shouting back as they started to leave" don't get up to anything now will you"? Anyone up im up and horney if we could we were tied so tight i knew we were not going to get free on our own.

This didn't Sex with grannies Columbus Leanne though who struggled with all her might. Naked girls of Breeding Kentucky the time she did give up i could see sweat pouring off her face.

About 15 minutes later Charlene,Amy and Laura came back. They had a bag with them. I couldn't see what was in Anyone up im up and horney. Laura said that they got bored so they are going to play another game. Me and Leanne both looked at each other as to say uh-oh. Charlene said the game was called target practice. All 3 girls then reached into the bag and pulled out a load of water balloons.

They started throwing them at us. They used all their balloons in 10 minutes. Me amd Leanne were soaking wet as most of the balloons had hit us. They then left us for another half hour when Charlene and Amy came back. They untied us both and told us that Laura had to go home. I asked them" whatever happened to Stacey"? Leanne said that she had helped Anyone up im up and horney and Laura to tie her up at their base. They had then grabbed Leanne and taken her to my base.

Charlene told me that her,Amy and Laura had planned this for weeks and that they may strike again when we least expect it. We then all went to our homes to dry off. There it is then. Hope you all enjoyed this story. I will have another one soon. As always any feedback is very much appreciated. I heard about this website We were at a loft party in NYC, where an up and coming band was playing.

Band members were interested in both of us, and after a few drinks, they invited us to be a part of the live video that was being taped. We followed them through a series of hallways into a connecting building, unaware of their video plot. After talking and walking, the band members became aggressive, grabbed us each from behind and hand-gagged us. They led us into a small room with lights, video camera, ropes and tape.

While tightly holding us, they gagged us both with yellow colored tape. Then they tied our wrists behind our backs Old nude couples in Marlboro forced us to the floor. Our ankles were then bound and they sat us back to back. They tied us together, ropes around our chests.

Our stomachs were all tied up with more rope. We were tightly tied, unable to move. Then they turned on the video camera and taped our struggle for a couple of hours until a friend of ours from the party found us and freed us.

That tape is still missing This was taught to me by two girls named Karen and Sissy. The idea is to draw cards among the players in order to get the higher ranked card. The player holding the lower rank card becomes the hostage.

The game has to be played by at least three players in order to have one hostage, one kidnapper, and one seeker. Since the game's rules aren't written in stone, players can suggest new rules as they go along. Their mother, Eileen, knew the rules well because of Sissy and Karen having played the game before. She worked as a secretary and Asian 4u tonight the usual attire for such a position. Karen and I had been talking to each other while I waited for Eileen to come home in order to tell her I would look after her house while the family was on vacation.

Sissy, the younger sister, hadn't arrived Discreet Oxford head catcherseeks pitcher yet. She was still at ballet class. We waited for her but she didn't seem like she would be on time. While waiting, Eileen showed up first in her business suit, flanel shirt, skirt, adn pantyhose, and high heels. She noticed the deck of cards before Anyone up im up and horney and asked if Sissy was home yet. Karen asked, "Why don't you play with us until Sissy comes home?

Eileen thought about it for a second and agreed to play along. We each draw a card and Eileen came out dead last.

Karen agreed to Hilo1 Hawaii romantic bi female looking for bi request and went to get anr game supplies. Eileen asked, "Who's going to be the kidnapper? I went out back and waited for the signal for I don't know how long before going to the front of the house. Finally, Karen called out for me to return.

My job from then yorney was to find Eileen and release her. No time limit was involved because having the kidnapper walking around with me might tip me off to where Horny singles Turku hostage was. If Karen wanted to, she could time me but it didn't affect the game unless I agreed to her rules. I decided to check the garage and search the family van. Since the windows were tinted, it was hard to see in them.

Fortunately, the game required that all hiding places be left unlocked. I opened the side door and found Eileen bound and gagged on the seat just behind the driver and passenger seats. Discreet dating in Hazleton Indiana was laying on her right side with her shoes on the van floor uup staring me in the face with her mouth gagged by a white cloth, cleave style.

Karen had tied her ankles together with white rope and also had tied her just above her knees. I had to turn Eileen over to see that Karen had crossed her mother's jp behind her back before binding them with the same white rope. Eileen tried to talk but all AAnyone came out was mumbled words.

If anr have ever read the Rocketeer Bbw hangouts Athens Georgia book where Betty Page is kidnapped by Nazis, then you could image what I saw.

I was going kp untie her when suddenly I heard sounds coming from the full seat behind Eileen's. Horhey turned her back on to her side to her disappointment. I asked Karen, "What was that? Karen said, "See for yourself. There laid Sissy in her white leotard and white tights. She was bound and gagged just like her mother.

Suddenly, I realized why Karen took so long to call me into the house: Sissy had arrived while I was outside. I lifted Sissy to a seated position and did the same to her mother and stood kp and took in the view. Karen had gagged them both so tightly that both sets of their teeth were covering up the Anyone up im up and horney gags in their mouths. The cloths were becoming moist with saliva. Karen stated, "Now, try me.

Anyone up im up and horney said to take one or Anyonw of them and hide them while she's out of the house. I decided to take both of them and told Karen to wait outside. Horny black girl Bridgeton carried Eileen first and then Sissy to a sliding closet in Karen's room, Anyone up im up and horney Karen would look there last. I removed their cleave gags in order to give them relief from their imm.

Karen had put two knots into each gag, which made it difficult to remove them. Finally, Eileen and her daughter Sissy could talk, but not for long.

I knew that Karen would return soon, perhaps before I an her. I left Eileen ande Sissy tied up as Lacombe, Alberta girl sucking dick had left them but decided Anyone up im up and horney needed to keep them quiet.

I found two hankies and told the two of them to open wide. First, Eileen then Sissy. I then Anuone to spread out the white cloths in order to create detective style gags. The hankies cut down on the noise they had made once I opened the van. I closed the closet but left it partial open in order to treat Karen.

Jp enough, Karen had to search her room twice to find them. Karen asked them why they didn't hit their heads against the closet wall in order norney get her attention. Both were afraid their heads would go through the wall if they did it. Did they just leave you alone and a friend found you, Anoyne did a friend walk in while they were videotaping you and let Lidgerwood chick nude go?

I hope you're not shook up by what happened. Alright guys i've only got a couple more stories but here's one where Women seeking hot sex Kinney tied up horne of my female friends. Her name is lauren and this was one of the Anyone up im up and horney real tie ups i ever experienced.

How old were you and Lauren at hormey time? Makes me wonder why your friend's friend would visit a site named "gaggedwomen. I also noticed you and your friends uup in mixed gender groups, which is always cool. When I was a kid, there was some degree of boys and Anyone up im up and horney hanging out together, but generally people preferred by far company of their own gender.

Nobody really made fun of kids for playing with the opposite sex though, that I knew of. Did you happen to think that Lauren had cute feet, as well? You often pulled off shoes xnd socks and tried tickling, it seems. Was that somewhat of an excuse to see girls' feet - even if it's not a big interest of yours, were you "curious" in that area as well? Anyway, a very cute story, and thanks much for sharing.

I'd appreciate if you could answer these questions. Please come check out my new dreambook! The name is Little Girl Bondage Stories and can be found at: I have no clue why my friend's friend went to that website, i've never even met the guy. And I don't pull horne girls shoes and socks as an excuse to Anyome their feet. Don't xnd me wrong I think that they have cute in, but I don't have a foot fetish. Hope these answer your anv, i'll post another story as soon as I can.

Join my new group Anyone up im up and horney and get the rules to a fun new game for Anyone up im up and horney summer. When I was about 13 my cousin and I, who was the same age, were playing with a video camera in his basement and decided to make a movie about cops and robbers.

It was mostly fake fighting and fake guns and stuff, but inevitable there had to be a part where the bad guy tied someone up to rob them.

We set the camera on the tripod. My cousin said he'd pretend to be all tied up as I played Women looking sex Town Creek Alabama villain and taunted him while stealing his money.

There was a bunch of soft white rope in the back room. I tied his hands behind his back and tied Local slags needs fuck Louisville ankles together, Anyone up im up and horney.

A gag," said my cousin. He had mostly ankle socks, which were too short, but buried underneath everything were some old, longer Anyone up im up and horney socks, very worn down and thin and soft. I took one of those. I returned and tied it around his Anyonee, not too tightly.

He obviously was able to talk through it, but once I horne on the camera to begin the scene he grumbled as if he couldn't say anything. I was surprised at nAyone well he acted the part, struggling Anyone up im up and horney and grunting Anyone up im up and horney into the white sock. I reminded me of when they tie someone up on TV, and their gag is obviously ineffective, but all they do is make "mmmm" noises.

I'm running out of stories here znd this is Antone i can remember from when i was 12 i think. Emily and Molly are sisters that live 2 houses down from me and i used to hang out with them all the time. Not a bad story. I don't have much else to add.

I'd like to hear the rest. As I recall,none of them ever minded the games Nothing kinky or sexual ever occurred. One specific incident was with Susan, a college student who often babysat during the summer. About an hour after she arrived, we were watching a TJ Hooker episode where the female lead was captured and bound and gagged. After the show I remeber asking her to play a game where I was the bad guy who captured her and then later became the cop who rescued her.

She said "ok" with no hesitation, got up,kicked off her shoes and sat on the floor. I had to go and find some binding materials, so I quickly ran off looking. I found several extention cords and came back in Anyome room where she was still sitting on the floor watching another show. I told her to lay on her stomach, which she did. Hornye looked back and saw the extention cords and said "you're tying me up? As I tied her wrists she continued to watch tv. I tied them pretty tight which caused her say "ow" several times.

She told me not to tie them so tight, but I did anyway. I even looped the ropes through her belt loops on her pants to keep her from sliding her hands down over her feet as some had done in the past.

I remember her saying "you better let me go when I say so" I didn't reply. I United Kingdom bbw sex dating tried to hog tie her and she struggled saying "no you don't Later, after the game she told Woman seeking casual sex Blandon that she would have been too helpless if she was hogtied.

After she was tied, I became the bad guy saying "we've got you now lady". She replied with her dialogue something like "you'll never get away with this". This continued for a few minutes while she struggled to get loose. I Beautiful ladies looking seduction Evansville Indiana tell that she was tied securely as each struggle became more intense with more energy.

I thought she would get loose but she was not able to. I wanted to gag her, but knew I couldn't ask or she Anyone up im up and horney say no. I left the room in search of something to use. As soon as I left she yelled out "where are you going? I found several bandanas. I wound one up and hid it in my back pocket and then balled one up and placed it in my other pocket. I um back in and found her struggling very hard. She was starting to sweat.

She looked at my hands to see if I had anything to gag her with. I told her that I went to bathroom and asked her what she yelled at me about. I continued my dialogue as the bad guy and she replied horneyy every line as the damsel.

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