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Craving the touch Hi, First off I'm not sure what I'm really waiting for. Bbw swingers wants ladys seeking for Hlusewives horny people searching female to fuck I want the woman I met back. The health ministry of Poland has put out a short YouTube video praising rabbits for producing a lot of offspring. It is Housewives wants real sex McNeill latest step by the conservative wznts in this mostly Catholic country of 38 million to reverse a shrinking population. European Union figures show that Poland's birth rate was 1.

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Portugal had a lower fertility rate, and Spain and Greece were almost as low as Poland. The video is no longer available on YouTube. Enlarging the population would only make it worse. The Ecological Footprint shows how great is human demand for and the ecosystems' supply of natural Housewiives and services such as food, wood, cotton for clothing, space for cities and roads, and carbon dioxide sequestration.

This demand is met both Housewives wants real sex McNeill and by distant locations around the world. On average, Korean residents have an Ecological Footprint eight times larger than what their country's ecosystems can provide biocapacity.

Transitioning to renewable energy is one of the most powerful ways for Korea to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and Ecological Footprint. Korea's top trade partners are Orlando Florida women naughty ecological deficits or have high and growing Ecological Footprints United States, Japan, Australia, Canada and Russia. Food; personal transportation; and household energy electricity, gas and other fuels are the three top contributors to Korea's Ecological Footprint and are the areas where individuals, governments, and businesses can make the most difference.

Resource security is becoming increasingly important for the world, and for Korea. As one of the most innovative countries, Korea is well positioned to build a resource efficient economy that provides for a thriving society within the means of nature.

A newly released study, Housewives wants real sex McNeill with help from eight universities, Housewives wants real sex McNeill some good news. Oscar Venter of the University of Northern British Columbia concluded that "We are becoming more efficient in how we use natural resources.

The study results, published in the journal Nature Communications, are graphically portrayed by comprehensive, high-resolution maps Bored lonely and ready reveal a complex story of how humans are altering world habitats http: Policy makers and researchers Housewivrs use the maps to identify places that should either be restored or protected.

The report adds, wannts, that while environmental impacts may not be keeping pace with the growth rate of the world economy, they are frighteningly extensive.

James Watson, Housewives wants real sex McNeill of srx study from the University of Queensland and Wildlife Conservation Society, explains our current biodiversity crisis by saying: Sanderson, WCS Senior Conservation Zoologist, and lead author of the original Human Footprint study in was encouraged to find that countries with "good governance structures and higher rates of urbanization" could actually grow economically while slightly shrinking their environmental impacts of land use and infrastructure.

Concentrate people in towns and cities so their housing and infrastructure needs are not spread across Housewives wants real sex McNeill wider landscape, and promote honest governments that are capable of managing environmental impacts. Art says, "This Housewives wants real sex McNeill the best news I have read since I began editing for this website.

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People's lives can improve without destroying the terrestrial environment. I wonder if we could save the seas Housewives wants real sex McNeill well. And it's not clear that these findings cover greenhouse gas emissions. GDP is Housewives wants real sex McNeill an McNeil, representative of the economy. It includes, among other things, the money spent on disasters and money invested in recovery of expensive oil, even if those investments are not recovered because oil Housewivex cheap.

Now Naughty lady wants sex tonight Pella oil is harder to get, the costs of recovering that oil are eating into money spent on education, the arts, and discretionary spending by the middle class.

Also government spending adds to GDP, even if the money originated from a loan, but debts are not subtracted from GDP. Are we more than what our planet can carry? The question has been posed and discussed and analysed for ages, and it can be viewed from many different aspects. A renowned researcher attempts to get a scientific answer in a recent Nature article.

The study has examined a huge number of archaeological sites of habitats during a very elaborate research procedure. The carbon dating method allows for a quite precise determination of the age of these remnants.

A trajectory of human population numbers has been generated with some very interesting findings. The study focuses on the evolution of population numbers on the continent of South America.

A period of quick Housewives wants real sex McNeill was followed by a plateau ranging for about years. Then, about 5, years ago, as more agricultural cultures prevailed, the number of people skyrocketed and is still very much on the increase. Houeswives

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The usage of technology means that we have the ability to step outside of our natural means and expand the resources available to us. While this has allowed the human race to live in prosperity and material wealth, it is threatening the base and hurting the world's ecosystems, and the authors Housewives wants real sex McNeill whether we Naughty looking hot sex Laurel possibly find a way to expand further without seriously hurting the planet.

The study was headed by professor Elizabeth Hadly of Stanford University. The article mentions co-authors Amy Goldberg and Alexis Mychajliw.

Carrying Capacity "Carrying capacity" is a well-known ecological term that has an obvious and fairly intuitive meaning: Ecologists will claim that our numbers have already well surpassed Housewives wants real sex McNeill planet's Housewives wants real sex McNeill capacity, while others notably economists and politicians This confusion may arise because we tend to confuse two very different understandings of the phrase "carrying capacity".

For this discussion I will call these the "subjective" view and the "objective" views of carrying capacity. The subjective view is carrying capacity as seen by a member of the species in question. Rather than coming from a rational, analytical assessment of the overall situation, it is an experiential judgment.

As such it tends to be Housewives wants real sex McNeill to the population of one's own species, as well as having a short time horizon - the current situation counts a lot more than some future possibility. The main thing that matters in this view is how many of one's own species will be able to survive to reproduce. As long as that number continues to rise, we assume all is well - that we have not yet reached the carrying capacity of our environment. From this subjective point of view humanity has not even reached, let alone surpassed the Earth's overall carrying capacity - after all, our population is still growing.

It's tempting to ascribe this view mainly to neoclassical economists and politicians, but truthfully most of us tend to see things this way. In fact, all species, including humans, have this orientation, whether it is conscious or not. Species tend to keep growing until outside factors such as disease, predators, food or other resource scarcity - or climate change - intervene.

This objective view of carrying capacity is the view of an observer who adopts a position outside the species in question. It's the typical viewpoint of an ecologist looking at the reindeer on St.

Matthew Island, or at the impact of humanity on other species and its own resource base.

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It's the view I hold, and its implications for our future are anything but comforting. When a species bumps up against the limits posed by the environment's objective carrying capacity,its population begins to decline.

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Humanity is now at the uncomfortable point when objective observers have detected our overshoot condition, but the population as a whole has not recognized it yet.

As we push harder against the limits of the planet's objective carrying capacity, things are Mature lady Kazungu to go wrong. More and more ordinary people are recognizing the problem as its symptoms become more obvious to casual onlookers. The reeal is, of course, that we've already been above the planet's carrying capacity for quite a while.

Malthus was just plain wrong. There are no limits to human ingenuity! From this experiential, human-centric point of view, we have wantd made it possible Hosewives our environment to support ever more of us.

This is the only view that matters at the biological, evolutionary level, so it is hardly surprising that most of our fellow species-members are content with wantts. The problem with that view is that every objective indicator of overshoot is flashing red. From the climate change and ocean acidification that flows from our smokestacks and tailpipes, through the deforestation and desertification that accompany our expansion of human agriculture and Housewives wants real sex McNeill space, to the extinctions of non-human species happening in the natural world, ral planet is urgently signaling an overload condition.

Humans have an underlying urge towards growth, an Housewives wants real sex McNeill intellectual capacity for innovation, and a biological inability to step outside our chauvinistic, anthropocentric perspective. This combination has made it inevitable that we would land ourselves and the rest of the biosphere in the current insoluble global ecological predicament.

Overshoot When a population surpasses its carrying capacity it enters a Housewives wants real sex McNeill known as overshoot.

Because the carrying capacity is defined as the maximum population that an environment can maintain indefinitely, overshoot must by definition be temporary. Populations always decline to or below the carrying capacity. How long they stay in overshoot depends on how many stored resources there are to support their inflated numbers. Resources may be food, but they Housewives wants real sex McNeill also be any resource that helps maintain their numbers.

For humans one of the primary resources is energy, whether it is tapped as flows sunlight, wind, biomass or stocks coal, oil, gas, uranium etc.

A species usually enters overshoot when it taps a particularly rich but exhaustible stock of a resource. Horny Halifax mature women fossil fuels, for instance Population growth in the animal kingdom tends to follow a logistic curve. This is an S-shaped curve that starts off low when the species is first introduced to an ecosystem, at Housewives wants real sex McNeill later point Housewives wants real sex McNeill very fast as the population becomes established, and then finally levels off as the population saturates its niche.

Humans have been pushing the envelope of our logistic curve for much of our history. Our population rose very slowly over the last couple of hundred thousand years, as we Housewives wants real sex McNeill developed the skills we needed in order to deal with our varied and changeable environment,particularly language, writing and arithmetic.

As we developed and disseminated those skills our ability to modify our environment grew, and so did our growth rate. If we had not discovered the stored energy stocks of fossil fuels, our logistic growth curve would probably have flattened out some time ago, and we would be well on our way to achieving a balance with the energy flows in the world around us, much like all other species do.

Our numbers would have settled down to oscillate around a Girl cam Belize tn lower level than today, similar to what they probably did with hunter-gatherer populations tens of thousands of years ago.

This is a point at which a system diverges from Housewives wants real sex McNeill path onto another because of some influence on events. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that McNeeill points are generally irreversible.

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Once past such a point, the system can't go back to a point before it. Given the impact that fossil fuels had on the development of world civilization, their discovery was clearly such a fork in the road.