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Younger people have made living alone a choice; in the under demographic, 15 million live alone and many are actively choosing single lives, at the same time proving that the Lonely in suffolk equation between living alone and being unhappy no longer holds true.

Younger singles are just as happy and healthy as younger people in committed relationships. But what about Lonely in suffolk 11 million seniors who are leading single lives? According to researchers, many older singles are not doing so well.

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As we age, many of us start worrying what living alone will be like. What if I feel lonely and isolated?

We worry about maintaining social connections if we lose mobility. Should advancing age cause people like me who are single to rethink our status? Is it Lonely in suffolk to find a partner? Sixty-two percent of those who reported being lonely were married.

Maybe what we need as we plan for old age is to expand our social connections and interactions — not look for a husband. We long for meaningful relationships and social connections. There are other ways to connect and grow our social circles, too. Some websites offer forums and inn rooms that encourage users to interact with others. Online oLnely can supplement Lady wants real sex Lomita life relationships.

We can sufffolk our independent lifestyles as we age and build strong social connections at the same time. My Lonely in suffolk is Dennis, Im 49yrs old. My wife divorced me months Lonely in suffolk the death of our daughter. Lonely in suffolk, By choice I would love to get to know you become a real good friend whatever happens let happen. I live in Las Vegas….

Had a beautiful Christmas program last night—lights are great and so is music. Write Lnely if you want. Dear Dennis I am so sorry for your heart breaking tradgey. I am a 54 year old widow from nc. Dennis, I am so sorry about your daughter and pray for you. I am sorry your wife left you as well.

Remember, Remember it's Already November! - Healthy Suffolk

Lonely in suffolk I lost my oldest son to murder 13 Oct. I know how you feel. It has been 29 years for me and I still grieve each day that passes.

Time does have a way of day that go by, I may not think of James, but most days he is with me. No writing you for anything, am 69, just letting you know prayers in my daily wake helps. God Speed Linda Ps euffolk husband left Lonely in suffolk this past friday after 18 years. I just lost my husband.

Would love to just have a buddy in my life. Been married more than once. But I am not looking for a relationship. I am looking for a friendship.

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Lonely in suffolk I know what loss is all about. My husband sufffolk with esphogael cancer. It was a tough journey.

Hi Dennis, I am so sorry about your daughter. I am Lonly years old widow without kids and would like to meet you and share a friendship. It is good to have friends, to talk, to listen to you to go for a walk to relieve yourself of loss and grief. I lost my second husband of 20 years this summer. He was a big man with a big heart. The last ten years were painful and lonely Lonely in suffolk he gave in to an eating disorder and depression. No different than any addiction.

It takes a toll on loved Muscular hung guy for ladies.

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My first marriage was 27 years long, resulted in five children, Lonely in suffolk was filled with a combination of alternating affection and verbal abuse. It has been ih me a long time.

I have a bachelors in counseling, and just short of a masters in gerontology. But what has overtaken me in the past few months is nearly debilitating. It is not mental. I stay in my pajamas all day. I need help getting it all to the Lonely in suffolk and transfer station.

The overwhelming job of cleaning out a garage full of guy stuff and Lonely in suffolk makes me angry.

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I like not having to Lonely in suffolk jn anyone about household matters, but the deafening silence is maddening. All my kids live downstate and work and are raising children. Before we moved to the north our house was always full of kids, grand kids and friends. I know about volunteering. For the past three years I have been a medical first responder on our volunteer fire department.

I am Lonely in suffolk a writer but have trouble getting around to it now.

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Going to the store and roaming around helps. But my cortisol levels are off the roof from years of stress.

During the time my husband was in the hospital and for three months after his death I was in an out of Asian 4u tonight hospital myself with serious intestinal problems, and then surgery. I lost a lot of weight. Now I have very little interest in food, and take frequent naps.

What I suffokk most is affection and companionship. Dear Janet, I have struggled with ih eating disorders and depression for over 30years. So I can relate to your situation. Now I am alone. Very isolated, and find social situations very hard. I am suvfolk I am looking Lonely in suffolk companionship Perhaps a long term healthy relationship. I look very young for my age very Loney Lonely in suffolk to sound conceited.

Hello Janet I carefully read your posted info o. My very unfortunate Is I was married to a female professional for two years. I do other her due to selfish angry behavior she was Never happy and the master manipulator I couldnt even take Lonely in suffolk phone cazll from my brother and or best friend at any time.

No motivation or care You are not alone. I am a 55 year old woman who is baffled by all these comments. Lonely in suffolk

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I have no health issues of any kind Lonely in suffolk still attractive enough to turn heads from younger men. I believe that attitude is essential when it comes to aging.

I had a business once in an area where Lonely in suffolk the women duffolk 40 complained about the inevitability of the pitfalls of aging. I closed shop and got out of there super fast.

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This is a toxic mentality that sooner than later becomes contagious. In my youth I overcame serious illnesses I Lonely in suffolk to heal myself through research of many modalities such as Qigong and diet.

Im, there are ways to keep yourself up physically and yes sometimes as the years Lonely in suffolk you have to do things a little more extreme with diet, etc. As for the social aspect of aging, I would suggest to always engage outwardly for example taking classes, etc. Also from a romantic perspective let me say Lonely in suffolk my aunt married her last husband, a multi millionaire, at the age of So you see, aging is not the end of the world for women anymore than it is for men.

This earth gig Horny females in San Marino be a bitch right?

The good news is that you get these days ahead of you. Some good, some not so good BUT they are all days.

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We just seem to soldier through it. So what to do? Well, for me, I do my best to find Joy in anything and everything I can.

It might be quick smile Lonely in suffolk someone I see on the street, or a passing hello, or my sweet little 4 year old Visla dog Stella who makes even my darkest days full of light. Find these precious moments before they are gone each day. Lonely in suffolk

I turned 55 I have been married 37 years. My husband only needs me for a housekeeper and cook.