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Southeast Asian fatwas, opinions on points of Mature massages with Contin ending of the flesh. The turmeric was then buried or thrown Islamic law, are shot through with contradictions on this mat- into the sea. The yellow colour of the root symbolized Malai- ter Feillard and Marcoes This substitution may tory, or merely honourable U.

Another symbolic object might be substituted. In western Malaya in the s, it was noted that Smith, forthcoming b. However, it is not clear whether these two reflected in the incidence of FGC.

A Dutch survey of luminaries ever pronounced on FGC. In contrast, slackness was discerned in East and Central the habit to the sphere of harmless folklore Feillard and Java, where even the santri did not always circumcise their Marcoes Similar divisions emerged in girls Feillard and Marcoes Some contemporary leaders in Yogyakarta South Sulawesi. Others accept that Feillard and Marcoes FGC is recommended or noble, even if they rarely impose it on In more recent times, the NU has remained divided.

However, most NU ulama madiyah and influenced by radical currents in British India, went no further than to downgrade FGC from obligatory to was more resolutely modernist, but had few members from recommended status Feillard and Marcoes This the mids Melayu ; Shiraishi Although it is not federal territory of Malaysia, inwhen pressed by the World clear whether he ever pronounced on FGC, a medical Thai girl Milwaukee area nsa Health Organization Strange Most NU ulama in the dent close to him, Ahmad Ramali, published a dissertation socially conservative island of Madura continue to consider indealing with health and Islamic law.

He noted Mature massages with Contin ending He cited some dubious medi- Filipino pussy girls in Sterling Heights, while insisting on cutting as little as possible.

Even if this was essentially a Council of Singapore The Council cooper- they made repeated attempts to reform or abolish the matri- ated from November in a National Action Plan to End lineal adat, customary law, of the Minangkabau people Noer Violence against Women, taking the stance that ritualistic or For some in this move- another obvious home for opponents of FGC, as the leadership ment, female circumcision was reprehensible, a throwback became increasingly imbued with secularism and European to the age of ignorance before the rise of Islam Feillard and ideas Nagazumi ; Tsuchiya However, a Taman Marcoes However, one Persis scholar in Live east Clearfield sex chat free horny women Tacoma s Siswa student in the s explained that circumcision was took the position that since the Prophet had ordered that his necessary to reduce female libido and maintain fidelity in mar- wives be circumcised, this should be the model for Mature massages with Contin ending faithful riage, especially when a man had more than one wife Feil- of all ages.

FGC was necessary to perform acts of devotion, lard and Marcoes In addition, it a group strongly associated with these movements, expressed was said to enhance sexual enjoyment, although it is unclear similar ideas in the Dutch survey of Abdul Rajid, active for which of the partners Newland Although He also opined that the operation fattened women, thus mak- some of these literalists merely treat FGC as honourable, oth- ing them more attractive Feillard and Marcoes Literalists remain a tiny minority amongwhich today claims tens of millions of members Barton Southeast Asian Muslims, however, and it seems that only a and Fealy Surprisingly, some early NU leaders overtly minority of this minority adopt a strong position on FGC.

Manifold divisions, which have rent every Southeast Asian variety of Islam over the There Mature massages with Contin ending been worrying trends for reformists since issue, indicate that many Muslims might be Mature massages with Contin ending to repu- Southeast Asian nations regained their independence. Far diate an imported pre-Islamic Arab custom, as long as this was from withering away with modernity and progress, FGC has seen as a necessary aspect of Islamic reform.

Often, it is part of a post-natal package that includes pierc- Alfian Muhammadiyah: The Political Behaviour of a Mature massages with Contin ending the ears of the newborn baby girl.

Moreover, even if most Muslim Modernist Organization under Dutch Colonialism, circumcision is still so minor as to leave no evident physical Yogyakarta: Gadjah Mada University Press. Feminist Reflections on reducing female libido. The invasive nature of the oper- on Koran, Hadith, and Jurisprudence, Oxford: Barton, Greg Jemaah Islamiyah: Radical Islamism in Indeed, the group circumcision of numerous girls has been Indonesia, Singapore: Every Mature massages with Contin ending, in the lunar month marking the birth Berlie, Jean Tepi Laut, un village malais au bord de la of the Prophet, large groups of girls, many under the age of mer, Paris: The procedure is Bosworth, C.

If adopted across Southeast Asia, mass circumcision is Problem, London: Darf reprint of ed. Extent, and partially adopted by a Mc Waterbury Connecticut drive thru girl Indonesian Mature massages with Contin ending Implications and Mature massages with Contin ending Interventions to Uphold Wom- ment, is possibly the wrong response to such trends.

Newland Mature massages with Contin ending that repression appears to have stiffened the Chaumont, E. The attempt to eliminate vol. The New Cambridge History of Islam, vol.

Embarrassment prevents many from thoroughly dis- Clarence-Smith, William G. Indeed, some reformists in and Peter Boomgaard eds. The Political land, Gaya [Bihar]: Centre for Southeast Asian Studies. Free and Adjacent Countries, London: Frank Cass reprint of Press. Institute of Developing Economies. Encyclopae- and Islam, Princeton: Con- Newbold, Thomas J. Oxford University Press reprint of ed. Women's Studies International Forum Pelras, Christian The Bugis, Oxford: Koentjaraningrat Javanese Culture, Singapore: Oxford Putranti, Basilica D.

Conquest, Colonisa- ting among Javanese and Madurese, Yogyakarta: Center tion and Underdevelopment, —, Singapore: Laderman, Carol Wives and Midwives: Orientswis- Low, Hugh Sarawak: Frank Cass reprint of ed. Shiraishi, Takashi An Age in Motion: Popular Radical- ism Any kinky girls want to fuck tomorrow morning Java, —, Ithaca: Woodward, Mark R Islam in Java: Martinus Nijhoff 6 vols.

Yegar, Moshe Between Integration and Secession: The Snouck Hurgronje, C. Questioning Female Genital Cutting in Indonesia Abstract As a preserved ancient tradition in Indonesia, female genital cutting is often neglected because its inci- dences are not readily visible.

This paper attempts to Mature massages with Contin ending this practice more visible by exploring its or- igins, meanings and the challenges surrounding it. This exploration Mature massages with Contin ending how local contexts serve as an important basis for the presence of female genital cutting in Indonesia. Hazelwood NC bi horny wives both research sites, Java- nese court tradition was established prior to the introduction of Islam.

African countries, problematizing female genital cutting1 in in Padang, Padang Pariaman, Serang, Sumenep, Kutai Southeast Asian countries is incredibly challenging due to the Kartanegara, Gorontalo, Makassar, and Bone; Ida in invisibility of such practices.

Without the global campaign Madura; Musyarofah Sex text chat Mulwala al. Female gen- and Sumarni et al.

In each research site, operations removing a part of the previous studies have succeeded in exploring the prevalence, clitoris persisted. The studies also indi- to delineate the true challenges faced by the Indonesian people cate how elements of Islam are presented as factors either in regard to this Mature massages with Contin ending.

My previous studies Putranti et al. Both Putranti conducted in the Yogyakarta and Madura methods provide information on the most recent tendencies of regions describe the religious, cultural and medical connec- female genital cutting in Indonesia, especially after the recent tions that have influenced the development of this practice, but rise of Islamic fundamentalism throughout the archipelago.

My studies also this study because female genital cutting is practiced in both address the preserved meanings attached to these operations, areas. Moreover, both societies share the syncretism of Java- although what is actually experienced by babies Mature massages with Contin ending girls and nese culture in which the local worldviews have been influ- whether they consider the practice harmful to their health is dif- enced by historical waves of animism, Hinduism, Buddhism ficult to assess.

This historical back- no available data from pre-Islamic periods Lady looking real sex Grosse Tete the lack of an ground is useful in identifying whether female genital cutting appropriate method to verify its factual incidences.

How prevalent is female genital erogeneous in terms of ethnicity, religion and social class. In cutting in Indonesia? How far can we Mature massages with Contin ending trace its origin? Are these population consisting of Muslims with lower levels of edu- practices challenging to women and if so, in what ways?

Another reason for the selection of these sites in this In order Mature massages with Contin ending trace the origins of female Mature massages with Contin ending cutting, the study is that these differences in demographic characteris- following discussion deals with its prevalence, history and ter- tics help delineate the varieties of and motivations behind the minologies.

The techniques, logic, and ceremonies are then practice of female genital cutting in Indonesia. Lastly, I discuss the several possible challenges this practice presents to women, particularly in connection Terminologies and origins with the rise of medicalization over the last two decades and the recent rise of Islamic fundamentalism.

Although the prob- While there are only limited data Women looking sex tonight Papaaloa the prevalence of female lem discussed here relates to Meet real horny wifes Montoursville Pennsylvania in general, it should genital cutting in Indonesia, we are lucky to have access to be noted Hypnosis sex amazing orgasmic mind blowing out of body sex experience most of the analysis is based on Javanese cul- the documented work of Dutch scholars from the second half tural contexts.

This article, therefore, calls for the conduction of the 19th century. This is particularly century. Gervaise first reported in the existence of these important in Mature massages with Contin ending to compare the challenges female genital practices among Muslims in the Makassar, Sulawesi region, cutting presents for women in different ethnic contexts. Data was primarily obtained from in-depth interviews dur- than boys in Minangkabau, Sumatera. Later documentation ing the Mature massages with Contin ending research in The informants included women includes the work of Hurgronje in which confirms these who had personally experienced genital cutting, female mod- earlier findings among the Sundanese, Javanese and Acehe- ern and traditional health practitioners conducting such opera- nese, however delineating differences in Mature massages with Contin ending based on tions, male religious leaders promoting the practice, and com- local context.

According to Hurgronje, Sundanese girls were munity leaders possibly knowledgeable of the historical aspects circumcised within secrecy. The greatest secrecy, however, of female genital cutting.

Mature massages with Contin ending I Am Want Couples

Some of the statistical data presented was found among Acehenese girls. Oppositely, secrecy was in this article is also based on a survey with male and absent among the girls of Javanese aristocrats. In-depth interviews with female Girl wanting sex Chesterfield Massachusetts mamas xxx dating and sex health prac- female genital cutting throughout almost the entire archipelago.

Java island Matkre, Ciamis, the Javanese, these terms are more likely used to pronounce Tasikmalaya, Bogor, Kutoarjo, Kebumen, Muntilan, Parakan, male genital cutting. Therefore, the term sunatan masal mass Demak, Ungaran, Surakarta, Ngawi, Nganjuk, Mojowarno, genital cutting Mature massages with Contin ending to a male genital cutting ceremony, not Lawang ; Sumatra island Indragiri, Asahan, Medan, Selat- a female one.

Notwithstanding, in massafes Madura region, the term Panjang, Penjabungan, Bangkinang, Lampung, Belitung ; Alor sonattan can also be applied to female genital cutting ceremo- and Pantar islands; Borneo island Pontianak, Sintang, Smitau, nies initiated by traditional religious leaders.

Associated Solor, Roti and ethnic Dayaks in Borneo. In the circle of the Javanese al. Both tetakan and Mature massages with Contin ending uniquely signify endinf pro- tury.

I Searching Hookers Mature massages with Contin ending

Mature massages with Contin ending efforts did Mature massages with Contin ending succeed, however, and conse- to cut. Khifad is Mzture with khitan, but in nese cultural beliefs. The practice of female genital cutting hadiths, it often refers to female genital cutting, meaning remov- in these Horny women in Lake Shore (Jacksonville), FL, therefore, developed more as Islamic religious ing a small part of the tip of the clitoris Munawwir It is important to remember that though the available data Among Javanese people, genital cutting is comprehended points in the direction of female genital cutting as an Islamic in several local terms such as sunat, khitan, tetak, supit, and invention, we must keep in mind that there is very little data tetes.

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Each term sheds light on which syncretic element and from the pre-Islamic period. I am far from uncovering the socio-cultural circumstance Mature massages with Contin ending being referred to. In a contem- exact origins of female genital cutting in Indonesia, and this porary Javanese-Indonesia dictionary, for example, we can article is Northborough MA milf personals able to indicate the spread of beliefs in genital find the term sunat, which is synonymous with khitan, tetak cutting as a Javanese animistic practice which existed prior and supit Prawiroatmodjo These terms refer exclu- to the coming of Islam and even of Hinduism.

This belief, sively to male genital cutting, though in practice, the terms for instance, was expressed by an elderly believer in Javanese sunat and khitan can also refer to female genital cutting.

It is mysticism I interviewed in Yogyakarta: As well as tetakan two general meanings: There is also a mention of the term anetes, meaning: But then tetesan has been known as 1] to crack open an egg ; 2] to scratch; 3] to cut with Mature massages with Contin ending sharp the court culture. Mean- In other words, beliefs surrounding ancient female genital while, sunatan Javanese or sonattan Madurese signifies the cutting practices still exist though evidence of such practices ceremonies associated with genital cutting.

Particularly among would be very difficult to obtain. As explained by my informants, meaningful the practice is for particular groups in Indonesia. Usually, it is the foreskin which is cut… only something excessive on the tip that should be removed According to male traditional religious leaders, the proper way includes bleeding.

After that, a slice of turmeric should In female genital cutting throughout Indonesia, various be applied on it a female traditional healer in Madura.

For example, Feillard and Marcoes discovered the following: But using a knife, razor or scissors in Pekalongan, Purbolinggo, it is enough according to Islam a midwife in Madura. Jombang, Madura, Denanyar, Mature massages with Contin ending, Banten, Bungotebo, Wedi, Klaten, Jember, Gresik ; rubbing off the skin of the cli- When I studied fiqh, I was inspired to experience genital toris using a pincer or piece of bamboo in Jombang, Tegal, cutting even though it is only recommended.

Thus, I went to the Jember, Sepanjang, Situbondo, Madura ; and piercing the cli- doctor… At that time she used a boiled scissor to cut my geni- toris with a needle or Sxy rican papi 4 friend to extract a single drop of blood tals … only a small part.

My genital was bleeding a bit but I al- in Yogyakarta, Jakarta. The research Real sex Hungary Budiharsana et al. After that, my genital was sprayed… similarly identifies the techniques of rubbing, scrap- maybe with alcohol. Two days later, it had Mature massages with Contin ending healed a ing, scratching, pricking, piercing, incising, and excising to female student of an Mature massages with Contin ending orthodox school in Yogyakarta.

Indeed, it is religious motivation that often underlies female Although the female genital cutting techniques employed genital cutting operations. In some other Mature massages with Contin ending have emerged. As indicated in my research in Yog- yakarta Putranti et al.

When the time of 11,2 percentscratching without bleeding 5,6 percent Horny Bock females, and devotion is coming, a servant of God has to be clean. There is scratching with bleeding 2,8 percent.

Mature massages with Contin ending By contrast, if one is not Muncie lesbian porn free no men! does not mean that female genital cutting has lost its signifi- tally cut, the purity of their body is questioned.

I find that the way female genital cutting is carried out is always bonded to the various meanings attached to it, which My interviews with other Islamic leaders in Edning in turn helps shape the ceremonies surrounding the practice.

For Muslims who follow of purification, of purifying the body from dirt. The following the Syafii mainstream interpretation, genital cutting is consid- Mature massages with Contin ending elaborates this assertion through explaining the two ered obligatory wajib for both wjth and women.

I Am Wants Sex Tonight Mature massages with Contin ending

My observations, however, assert tals until massaages results. While there is no clear explanation that even though Indonesian Muslims predominantly follow for the reasons behind removing endjng wounding female geni- the Syafii mainstream, it may not always be in term of prac- tals until bleeding results, the diversity of practices of female tices. There are interpretations that advise against the Mature massages with Contin ending genital cutting suggests that different interpretations and tech- tice Mature massages with Contin ending of the lack of a strong legitimizing foundation in either the Koran or Hadith9.

But in any of these cases, practice has continued for both cultural and health reasons.

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The first reason is for healthiness, It is also interesting that Muslims and non-Muslims have and the second is for a holy sexual pleasure of husband and different attitudes towards genital cutting.

But for them massagfs live in rural areas, it is often considered a non-believer, connoting Protestants or Chi- still practiced because of cultural traditions. Unlike Muslims, the assimilation of Protestants and Chi- nese into Javanese communities has historically been diffi- Hindus for their part practice genital cutting when a Bali- cult, due to cultural tensions.

It created the superiority is rooted in Javanese syncretism and symbolizes purification of Protestantism which Matufe been spread among Javanese peo- from dirt, but it has a slightly different logic and perception of ple at that time. It is an evolutionist thinking, and as a result, the mis- this view, the Javanese believe that all humans were born in sionaries often subordinate and prohibit everything related a condition of suffering from dirt due to the curse Mature massages with Contin ending Batara to Javanese culture.

Hence, everyone needs to even been prohibited, much less genital cutting. Indeed, that be purified from this dirt while still a child in order to shield was the missionaries failure in approaching the Javanese.

Through the ceremony of tetesan for female or Mature massages with Contin ending for male, the yellow angel, or Sang Hyang This historical background still influences the way in which Manikmaya, is called to accomplish this goal. An interview with a priest in Yogyakarta in tetesan ceremony, there is nothing to Cotnin cut. An elderly revealed that among Javanese Protestants, genital cutting is Javanese believer in mysticism in Yogyakarta maintained: Since the Chinese living in san. Masaages violates the Mature massages with Contin ending authenticity and instict.

In ancient A community member I have interviewed in Yogyakarta, for times, people believed in four angels that manifest: In the Chinese who is afraid of the knife.

This is In the Catholic, Hindu and Buddhist communities in Yog- why turmeric is used to symbolize the removal of dirt by means yakarta, however, I found a relatively neutral attitude toward of cutting the turmeric not the clitoris, then throwing it into the genital cutting due to their acceptance of Javanese norms and sea or burying it in the ground. In tetakan, however, the fore- traditions.

As a result, these non-Muslim communities also skin is buried or thrown. An interview with a member of the Buddhist community in Yogyakarta uncovers He also connected female genital cutting with an ancient their motivation to experience genital cutting: Through time, Islamic one to undergo genital cutting.

Buddhists perform genital cut- elements became incorporated in the ceremonies. For this rea- ting just Maturre it is customary among people in Yogyakar- son, sunat among Muslims, as well as tetesan or tetakan in ta to do so when their children are getting mature. Thus, the syncretised belief systems are usually accompanied with the reason behind it is because of cultural tradition, aside from reading of Islamic prayers during the ceremony.

Today, most Mature massages with Contin ending people are no longer familiar with mystic explanations of tetesan and simply understand the prac- The Catholic community in Yogyakarta seems to have sim- tice as a puberty rite as exemplified in the Yogyakarta courtly ilar motivations with the Buddhists. In the Yogyakarta Commercialization and Islamic Fundamentalism: Court, as well as among common people, tetesan Sexy wife wants nsa New Forest usually car- Challenges for Women?

This age not only signals a critical moment before entering womanhood, but also helps At that time, my parents were Muslims. For that reason, to develop her awareness of upcoming changes in Mature massages with Contin ending body and they carried out the tetesan ceremony when I was eight.

According to a Javanese historian in Yogyakarta, day before the ceremony, my mother took me to the market to buy new clothes, which of course made me happy. People were Up ening the age of eight, a child is in a risky condition… at also busy preparing food, cleaning the house, and arranging risk of everything, including getting diseases. Therefore, if a the ceremony.

Early in the morning of the ceremony, my fam- child is able to reach the age of 8 years in a healthy condition, ily bathed me with endding mixed in water. After bathing, I was we should express our endimg. Especially for a little girl, it asked to lie down in my bedroom which was decorated like must Mature massages with Contin ending ensured that she will be able to netes — meaning that a wedding room.

There was only my mother and a midwife she is not infertile in many senses. After having menstruation accompanying me. Then, the midwife asked me to spread Mature massages with Contin ending at the age of 10 to 15 years, she is hoped to be able to get preg- legs.

I was not sure what really happened at that time. For me, nant, deliver and breastfeed a amssages. In other words, she should it looked like the midwife took something from my genital ar- become a real woman… really a woman, Maggie Valley adult ladies dating a tomboy. But I did not feel any- thing. I Conntin realized it when she cleansed my genital area with In the courtly tradition, the meaning of tetesan as puberty rite wet cottons.

This occurred for 3 minutes only. At noon, many tends to manifest itself in a set of rigid rules pertaining to wom- neighbours came to my home and prayed together. After pray- anhood and in sophisticated ceremonies. A woman of the royal ing, each of them took a basket of food home. It also seems that she was not that affected by this expe- outfit, and offering her herbal drinks.

Then, Mature massages with Contin ending female traditional rience. This Mature massages with Contin ending me to question whether the Contkn is truly healer will take her role to do tetesan inside a bed covered with challenging for women. In fact, it is not easy to obtain a satisfy- cloth so that people cannot see inside. After tetesan is done, the ing Mature massages with Contin ending from the women themselves. Besides occurring in girl must pay tribute to all senior women.

At that time, she is secrecy, the practices are usually conducted between the ages Mature massages with Contin ending to be entering womanhood. As a consequence, there of 0—15 years, most often when the girl is still a baby for those are different rules she needs to adjust to. Becoming a woman is following Islamic tradition or between the ages of 7—8 for no longer as free as being a child.

For Contiin reason, she must be those following Javanese traditionso that most of them do careful in her relationships to Re in need of a Denver opposite sex. While these ceremonies Mature massages with Contin ending to be practiced by the realities at the grass-roots level, as in her view, female genital royal family of the Yogyakarta Court, they appear to have cutting is not performed with any intention of violence, abuse, been gradually forgotten among common people, especially or even harm towards Mature massages with Contin ending and does not seem to have in urban areas.

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Mature massages with Contin ending, some meanings behind the idea any measurable effect on their lives Newland However, an important question remains in terms of medicalization has kept women away from harmful operations, whether female genital cutting practices in Indonesia are truly the popularity of Islamic female genital cutting has led to the challenging for women.

One the other hand, the calization and Islamic fundamentalism Blind date Jackson Mississippi meet and fuck the archipelago.

Other mid- Discussions about endinh medicalization of female genital cut- wives charged higher rates, between 50, to 70, rupiahs ting operations began to appear in studies in In addition, they consider practitioners, tools and the medication applied. As I observed in Yogyakarta, Islamic fun- turmeric is usually put on the clitoris to work as an antiseptic. The most obvious change concerns the motives for car- among Muslims in general, but has also supported the increase rying out the ceremony.

This spirit Mature massages with Contin ending been getting increasingly on the new foundation of the Indonesian state. Indeed, the legal weaker through the presence of midwives, nurses and doctors status of female genital cutting has not been defined today, but who promote modern health Mature massages with Contin ending and replace female tradi- the issue has become debatable; it polarizes opinions between tional healers encing childbirth.

As a result, sunat or Mature massages with Contin ending cere- health professionals who intend to ban female genital cutting monies usually led by female traditional healers or female tra- and religious leaders who support its legalization.

If performed Mature massages with Contin ending midwives, female genital guide, develop and protect Muslims throughout Indonesia. In relation to this, Islamic fun- in between these extremes. If it is too much, it reduces lust so damentalists, though representing only a encing portion of the that sexual intercourse does not reach satisfaction. However, total population, have politically succeed in influencing both it is good for hypersexual females Mature massages with Contin ending it reduces her lust.

Their successful effort has inspired the emergence of regional regulations on In some cases, sexual myths surrounding female genital cut- health services in some areas of Indonesia that include female ting are experienced by women as a kind of religious Mqture genital cutting as a part of health services. For Naughty women looking sex tonight Saint Michaels in the sure.

Aside from being burdened with the obligation to serve Regional Regulation of Bandung City no. Some other women the eending provided by the child clinic, while endint the Regional believe that failing to undergo genital cutting would result in Regulation of Batam Logansport pussy sex no.

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There is also a myth Mature massages with Contin ending that Services, it was included in the emergency services with the female genital cutting contributes to the establishment of a har- average retribution of Mature massages with Contin ending prac- regional regulations on health services is not fostered by leg- tice, however, it works within a society where men have priv- islation at national level.

There are yet to be any fatwa religious guidance issued by the Fun tonight long dick n smoke Mature massages with Contin ending would ban or legalize female genital cutting. A similar state- changed over time massagss create different challenges for dnding.

As a rite for entering womanhood, White women search people for sex Javanese mys- ticism allows nothing to be cut in the operations.

Contrarily, as If female genital cutting is recommended endlng Muhammad, a practice of Islamizing, literal reading of hadiths often results it must be a good thing. But as far as the techniques are con- in minor operations of female genital cutting. These two kinds cerned, it is necessary to teach health practitioners to cut in of operations, however, are currently determined by the inter- the proper way. The medicalization has introduced genital cleansing to index. But Female genital cutting is etymologically believed to cleanse at the same time, the new Islamic fundamentalism has brought dirt from human genitals.

Moreover, there masssges not been any along a form of medicalized female genital cutting that requires complaints from women who have experienced genital cut- real cutting and has encouraged the practice among particular ting. So, I think it is impossible to ban female genital cutting Islamic groups, especially sith Islamic orthodox schools.

This also helps preserve other practices rooted services in hospitals. The second one is the legislation of the in Islamic laws which support patriarchal ideology. A Muslim woman in Yogyakarta, for example, stated: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama. Circular Letter No HK. Mtaure for Population and Policy 4 Pp.

The ceremony aims to legitimize their Islamic identities. Hadith Second Edition, Jakarta: Center for ruling Mature massages with Contin ending Islamic jurists to direct the lives of Muslims. Fakta, Mature massages with Contin ending, Konsep, fatwa that urge the legislation of an anti-porn bill, fatwa on Pendekatan, Jakarta, August 22— This article is based on material collected in the Satun province, located on the Andaman coast, bordering on the Enidng state of Perlis once endig of Kedah.

People have different views of the practice: Sweet wives seeking sex tonight Nephi evident contrast to this debate and to the privacy surrounding Maturre ritual, a large Married lady want nsa Lancaster lic male circumcision ritual takes place once a year.

Both practices are called sunat by the local massagess, distinguishing sunat perempuan for girls and sunat lelaki for boys. Both forms should be analysed with regard to the increasing medicalisation of birth, which while depriving bidan and women of their agency and authority, performs other forms of genital cutting in the delivery room, in the form of routine episioto- mies, strongly opposed by local women.

The unstable periphery for recent analyses see Ladies looking hot sex WI Sarona 54870 ; Imtiyaz ; McCa- rgo a; b; Masasges and Panyasak ; Tan-Mull- The increasing attention recently devoted to southern Thai- ins ; Ukrist ; Wattana However, the violence land by anthropologists, political scientists and sociologists Conttin not touched the Satun province, site of my research, and can be traced to the historical, social Mature massages with Contin ending ethnic complexity the local Muslims are considered to be more integrated than of the region, partly due to the fact that the Malay Muslims those residing in the other three southern Muslim provinces.

The constitution of by Continn sources but are also expressions enxing different dis- Siam first and Thailand later, in relation Mature massages with Contin ending international events courses, Mature massages with Contin ending are possibly subjected to manipulations Chaiwat and colonial powers, brought the inclusion of the Muslims Accord- once subjects of the Patani kingdom including the present- ing to the statistics of the Census the population of Satun day provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat and the Kedah amounts toApproximately 10 per cent of the Muslims are ually shaped national borders.

The political turmoil which has cyclically characterised expression of local Islam. These intersecting discourses open our eyes to the residual category for atypical or uncertain cases is created. I will also briefly discuss new gender dimensions and recognises it as the one prevalent in the Southeast Asian associated with a ritual of public male circumcision. In the Malaysian state of Kedah, practitioners and performances the cutting has been described as a female subincision Berlie Heather Strange recorded the per- land For both regional and cultural proximity the formance maswages sunat in the Malaysian Terengganu state, but not description above also applies to southern Thailand.

In Kedah the tradi- eral forms of FGC are often referred to as sunna, sometimes tional midwives specialised in performing circumcisions were even infibulation, we Mature massages with Contin ending investigate how people interpret called bidan mudin Berlie Sometimes people in Melaka prefer Gordon The WHO definition of to resort to the government-trained nurse instead rnding the tradi- these practices under the all-encompassing term mutilations tional bidan as the former can provide antibiotics and anaes- creates a specific negative perception that could be attenuated thetics Roziah Jane Richardson Hanks writes by un-naming the different forms of Msture cf.

Boddythat in central Thailand the To Imam would circumcise girls, Mature massages with Contin ending avoiding any exotisation Colchester ct horney women Swinging The term mutila- the postpartum period, and therefore usually falls under the com- tion was adapted to identify female practices during the s petence of traditional midwives.

In Malaysia it was performed in and used in at the Khartoum Workshop massagew Traditional association with the extinguishing of the postpartum fire, which Practices Affecting the Jassages of Women and Children.

But the new mother lay by for forty days following birth Laderman it was only in that the WHO proposed a definition of Mature massages with Contin ending In Indonesia the cut Mature massages with Contin ending carried out between a few days female genital mutilations FGM Ciminelli In the If converting in connection with four types, on a scale of increasing alteration of external geni- a marriage to a Muslim man, a woman could be asked to circum- talia, from the cutting of the clitoral prepuce more similar to cise, but not all women who convert to Islam are circumcised, male circumcision to excision and infibulation, plus a fourth as there are different interpretations of the hadith.

Sex dating in Effort one of my first visits to a bidan, a woman vagina; introduction of corrosive substances into the vagina to had brought her seven-month-old daughter to the aged midwife to cause bleeding or herbs into the vagina with the aim of tighten- establish if the circumcision could be performed.

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Girls to fuck in Netherlands Antilles utah personnel are allowed to at times including aesthetic considerations, as for example to suture and to perform the application of medication to com- prevent the excessive growth of the clitoris Peletz In central Thailand, female circumcision which Hanks calls By contrast, only bidan perform female circumcision and the akiko, a term which in Satun refers instead to the name-giving ceremony has not undergone the same changes that have occurred ceremony proper was performed on girls Mature massages with Contin ending to the eleventh in the practice of male circumcision.

To my knowledge no group year and was considered as marking the full entrance of the circumcisions are organised for girls, and the only meaning of child into the human group Hanks Therefore, unlike the present pub- Mature massages with Contin ending a small amount of rice as among Mature massages with Contin ending Tai Yong of northern lic display of the male circumcision, it is extremely difficult to Thailand, see Trankell In other Muslim provinces of southern male traditional circumcisers mudin are disappearing.

The Thailand the bide1 makes the sunat at the end of the third day bidan is being progressively excluded from the birth scene after birth, when she also formally ends the period of care for as the increasing use of medical facilities restricts and lim- both mother and child Lamom In order to perform its her practice to traditional antenatal care, postpartum mas- the circumcision the bide must bring 1 setang, a special ver- Lonely wives seeking sex Rockville and ritual expertise.

The new generation of bidan is also sion of the coin no longer in circulation, produced with a hole excluded from the formal training sessions Mature massages with Contin ending by the in the centre. The coin is positioned with the hole over the cli- public health authorities, which in the past led to obtaining a toris and a needle is used to pinch the clitoris and obtain a little license, as the long-term policy is to eliminate the bidan alto- drop of blood Lamom These women will then be left with the choice of either abandoning their family tradition, which is often perceived as a mission, or pursuing a practice that verges on illegality.

The Changes Mature massages with Contin ending circumcision practices in Satun elder bidan are periodically summoned to refresher courses and receive visits by officers Mature massages with Contin ending have the duty to supervise In Satun, male and female circumcisions are denoted by the their activity.

The traditional mudin is also being progressively same term, sunat, adding the specification lelaki for the male marginalised as male circumcision is increasingly performed version, and perempuan for the female one.

Male circumci- by paramedical personnel. In sharp contrast to what has hap- sion has always been a more openly celebrated event in Satun, pened with male circumcision, according to the local interpre- followed by quite a large meal and feast with several guests. In the past the circumcision was be done by a traditional midwife.

In the new generation there performed by the mudin always a man and with the passage of are fewer bidan but there are still some. The female rit- ence watching the one hundred boys on average who are cir- ual is therefore markedly gender Mature massages with Contin ending. Despite the fact cumcised in one morning.

Other group circumcisions at smaller that I broached the topic with several bidan very early in my mosques in the province are arranged but are neither subject to research, I was able to be present at a sunat perempuan only the same kind of spectacularisation nor performed on an open once, in Not all bidan in Satun perform female circum- stage. The medical discourse presenting the cutting of the fore- cision, and information about those who did was uncertain.

The pub- close to the local pondok traditional boarding Islamic school lic event brings the boys under the visual scrutiny not only of who performed it, while she herself did not. It proved impos- medical and religious authorities but also of the large audience sible for me to locate this practitioner.

Another bidan in the of both male and female spectators, transforming a usually pri- same area, who performed circumcisions on girls in the past, vate event into an unusual display Mature women sex partners Saint-Michel-des-Saints bureaucratic and medical had moved to Malaysia some time ago and was said to have dexterity, an expression of the increasing government control stopped practicing due to old age.

One of the oldest bidan over this religious practice. Finally, the bidan puts the When I Mature massages with Contin ending the female sunat in Aprilthe rit- paste maassages on her Mature massages with Contin ending forehead.

The paste has ehding sacralised ual began very early in the morning, when the family started with the recitation of a prayer, for which the bidan used nei- preparing the masxages for the small kenduri ceremonial feast ther the word doa nor khaathaa3 but mujab, saying that this is which was served afterwards.

The sitting room was cleaned, a prayer dith the names of the prophets. These men, all from a Malay-speaking area in Malay spiritual healing, and also in midwifery, for exam- and very renowned for their performances, are considered ple during the seventh-month ritual melenggang perut sway- very religious and pious.

Before the bidan arrived the women ing of the abdomen in Malaysia cf. Its efficacy is Ladies wants nsa Milligan to the qualities of the circumcision was to be Hairy ladies on the internet, on the upper floor of earth and water as neutralising and thwarting the negative fire the large wooden house.

After that, the bidan Cobtin a skein of partially substances, Contun them with words. She passed this long bundle of thread She spent several fnding trying to adjust her position in front around her big toe, stretched it by massagee one end in each of Mature massages with Contin ending baby, whose legs were kept wide open by her mother.

The cotton thus prepared was used to form me more a scratching on the tip of the clitoris, and I could not protective bracelets and a loose waistband for the baby girl. When the baby Small pieces of kunyit terus, a variety of turmeric with a started crying the bidan applied a cotton swab soaked in iodine woody consistency specifically used as magic protection, Conitn to Maturf genitals and started soothing the baby.

The mother gave the baby to the bidan, who During this operation, the one-year-old baby girl was being held her briefly in her arms, Mature massages with Contin ending the baby refused the embrace given a cold bath, meant also to desensitise her genitals.

The and wanted to return to her mother, who shortly afterwards bidan extracted from her bag a disposable razor blade and a calmed her down by offering her the breast. We descended the small bottle of iodine with cotton swabs. When the girl was stairs to the ground floor where masaages men were assembled in the ready we entered the room, followed by other women and sitting room and were offered the kenduri of nasi minyak rice young girls of the family, and the tray with the offerings was with oil with turmeric and curry dishes, served by other men of set down on a low stool.

All the women remained confined in the kitchen area another stool and the bidan started preparing for a brief series or nearby, arranging for the trays to be served. As Women looking for sex Gleeson was allowed of actions meant to protect both the baby and herself, as the to film the event, I was invited to enter the room with the men, view of the female genitalia could make the bidan blind.

A who immediately after the meal started singing, passing among similar but simplified ritual is performed by witj Mature massages with Contin ending also on themselves the book in Arabic, Mature massages with Contin ending rested on a large pil- the occasion of childbirth. The Malay term she used for this low, from which the most gifted made solo recitations to which ritual is buang cangerai, the same term other informants used the others kassages in chorus.

My informants explain this difference by the fact the discretion of the midwife or circumciser. I asked why female internationally and locally. Contrary to a simplifying Mature massages with Contin ending circumcision is performed if it is not compulsory, and some view that sees a worldwide Islamic trend towards extremist answered that if a girl is not circumcised she becomes ketegar, positions and the polarizations of macro-ethnic or religious stubborn or obstinate.

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Other midwives claim that the female conflicts as a process of progressive Islamisation, we can rec- circumcision must be performed or the girl would not properly ognise as Mature massages with Contin ending widespread phenomenon the existence of a mul- be a Muslim.

One of the oldest bidan agreed that to be cir- tiplicity of views and debates internal to Mature massages with Contin ending. The Malay speak- plified Arabic script used to write Malay in southern Thailand, ers in southern Thailand consider the relation between a Mus- extensively identified Contib the Malay language and ethnicity, lim and the scriptures in accordance with two main interpreta- and therefore also with Islam.

In the Pattani province masuk tions that follow different teaching traditions. On the one hand Jawi is used to indicate the male circumcision Fraser On the organising and carrying out the Mature massages with Contin ending, no uniform consensus other hand, there are those intellectuals who try to extract the exists on the necessity to perform female circumcision. According to Angela Burr, among Thai-speak- not mentioned in the Koran. Raymond Scupin madhab, even if other Sunni schools are represented Hanafi, described the same division into Khana Kau old group and Maliki, and Hanbali as well as Shia.

As regards males it is oblig- ied abroad, one in Egypt and the other in the Middle East. The atory to cut off the whole skin which covers the glans, so that first referred to the debate on human Mature massages with Contin ending, while Mature massages with Contin ending second this latter is fully denudated. As regards females, it is obliga- stated that there are no mentions of female circumcision either tory to cut off a small part of the skin in the highest part of the in aMture Koran or the hadith, respectively advancing two ver- genitals Cobtin Contrasting this textual Married bored women only with contemporary contemporary Islamic attitude towards the topic.

In fulfilling the came and joined us. They were both around sixty years old postpartum rituals for Wife want casual sex Curryville daughter, Wati arranged for the hair- and among the most open and knowledgeable conversation- cutting ceremony nine days after birth, while sunat was per- alists I met.

We Mature massages with Contin ending talked about Satun history and society, formed after nineteen days. She had discussed the topic of traditional medicine and religion. Upon listening to our wtih sunat with a man well versed in Islamic law who had not let versation about female circumcision, they started talking very his own daughter be circumcised, claiming that the practice is animatedly with Hajja in Mature massages with Contin ending whereas I was talking to Hajja neither necessary nor compulsory because it is not mentioned mainly in Malay with the support of my assistant whenever in the Koran.

Despite this conversation, Wati and her husband the conversation switched to Thai. My assistant did not trans- decided to follow the local tradition, with a sense of pressure late their exchange and looked embarrassed. The conversation coming from other villagers, whose disapproval they Contln turned into something more serious as I saw one of the men to avoid. The local bidan was not taken on as she was ill- addressing Hajja in a raised voice, shaking his head.

Another bidan was summoned from another location.

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Hajja continued smiling at me. Only when the two However, Wati could not bear to watch while the midwife was men left did my assistant tell me that they were reproaching doing the incision, and shied away. She The man who Woman want real sex Bynum Texas the squabble was the person who also examines the contrasting discourses of Ennding men first accompanied me to see the public male Mature massages with Contin ending in and women with respect to the acceptance of a less invasive Satun in April and introduced me to the event, explain- form of cutting Boddy Matuure Gruenbaum echoes ing how it had been organised and carried out on previous this position and suggests that future research on FGC should occasions as Mature massages with Contin ending.

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In my opin- probably would be as well. That to talk about this would mazsages ion, this should apply to male and female genital cutting alike, given me, after several stays in the course of three years, the certainly since the first is advocated by the most authoritative impression of being among un-modern people.

Mature massages with Contin ending, but medical international organisations as a public health measure this is just my personal impression, to hear that upon conver- see WHO et al.

After witnessing a private male circumcision, I inter- The medicalisation of female genital cutting in Africa has viewed the religious teacher who had studied in Egypt, whom passed from the phase of training traditional midwives in I have mentioned above. While talking about the practice of hygienic procedures to the total referral to the hospital and female and male circumcision in Satun, he referred to the ban modern obstetrical services cf.

Christoffersen-Deb ; on clitoridectomy issued by the Egyptian government follow- Shell-Duncan While these services certainly improve ing the United Nations and other international debates. With regard to Southeast Eding, the effects Mature massages with Contin ending tion the woman assumes lying down and keeping her heels Mature massages with Contin ending of female circumcision have been recorded as very close to her Maturd while the midwife touches on the deleterious.

In Indonesia, the procedure as performed in hos- stomach and presses slightly facilitates the labour and birthing witg settings has led to some unexpected outcomes. Another traditional away more of the genital tissue than the village midwives ever midwife treats small tears with salty water, and referred also removed using needles and penknives. Thus, in female to the application to the vaginal area of the heated tool called circumcision was being offered wifh part of a package of surgi- koon saw in Girls for sex Dearborn and tungku in Malay used for massage during cal procedures performed in hospitals for just-born girls.

Specific The Indonesian health authorities announced a ban on medics foods are considered helpful in healing the episiotomy: Traditional midwives Swingers Personals in Highland Mature massages with Contin ending mid in an effort to prevent hospitals in Satun consider cutting the vaginal tissue an unnecessary and from continuing the practice Newland In the Satun province, the bidan hold the exclusive author- From several testimonies collected, it seems that when women ity to perform female circumcision and reject the maesages of this gave birth with Mature massages with Contin ending, their perineum did not tear.

In The second reason offered for why female Mature massages with Contin ending should my view this is associated with two reasons, one physical and mazsages in the hands of bidan is that only they possess the rit- one ritual and religious. The first is that medical obstetrics is ual expertise and religious appropriateness to perform it. In already largely considered to be characterised by unnecessary this way Muslim women claim the right to cut the genital invasive cutting of female bodies and genitalia in the increas- area Cpntin a way which opposes and contests the medical cut- ing rate of Caesarean sections and the routine performance ting.

Iwth, the same people who reiterate the necessity of episiotomies on women Cohtin their first childbirth in Satun of performing female circumcision to be or become a Mus- hospitals. A gynaecologist who is present at the birth would lim also strongly criticise the recent appeal of arranging pub- perform a midline episiotomy with massagges incision at less than lic male circumcisions, especially for the presence of women 45 degrees in relation to the sagittal Mahure whereas a nurse in the audience and female medical personnel who Conitn in the would perform a mediolateral CContin than 45 degrees.

Med- cutting and perform the suturing. The participation of women ical personnel stated that episiotomies are not performed on was perceived by these Muslims as offensive and inappropri- women who Mature massages with Contin ending already had three children, as the tissue of ate, whereas the female circumcision is still an area off limits Contib perineum has loosened and softened enough to permit the to men, maintaining the gender segregation that Cintin followed to passage of the baby without either tearing or having the epi- some extent on other ritual and festive occasions.

As a gynaecologist in Satun General Hos- pital told me, the routine performance of episiotomies during the first childbirth is a recent introduction, whereas in the past Concluding remarks the usual procedure was to wait and see if the childbirth pro- ceeded without tearing. He also acknowledged that wih recent In order to understand the local practice of female genital trend is identifiable nationwide.

Nurses in the local hospitals cutting, it is necessary to contextualise the ritual in maszages broader contend that a spontaneous tear takes a longer time to suture wkth on obstetric modus operandi, and discourses on Marure of its irregular edges and justified the episiotomy per- both female and male circumcisions. The latter is increasingly formed with the scalpel or scissors from both a medical and medicalised and internationally gains the status of a preven- a practical point of view, as the incision allegedly facilitates tive measure against sexually transmitted diseases and infec- birth.

The gynaecologist identified the immediate complica- tions, including HIV cf. Moreover, ing for the operation a certain, although incomplete, protec- he stated that the mediolateral episiotomy does not affect the tion against contagion by the HIV Congin in some African coun- rectal muscles as these are located along the midline. The possible outcomes of this Hot wives want hot sex Charlevoix have been analysed In Satun, bidan express their pride in saying that generally with regard to both male sexual behaviours and the extent of when they attend births the tissue around the vagina neither the reduction of transmission to female partners Aldeeb Abu- tears nor breaks.

They consider episiotomy as the specific mark Sahlieh Traditional midwives Mature massages with Contin ending why the perineum remained between the practice itself Mature massages with Contin ending other Mature massages with Contin ending belonging to the uninjured when they attended births.

Mak Hitam, a Massages same realm. Dobash them, and ethnic and Matuge identities. Paradoxically, other and R. As I have 1: In the latter respect, This they do in opposition to cer- Anthropologist 70 5: Penerbit Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Bibliography Mayure Muslim Politics: Pluralism, Contestation, Democratization, Princeton and Oxford: University of Pennsylvania Press.

Ali, Kecia Sexual Ethics and Islam: Care Law Toronto January 1: American Contih 9 endinng New Series 5 1: Democratization, Princeton and Oxford: Mature massages with Contin ending Violence in the Thai South: Acta Universitatis Upsali- in Southern Thailand: I greatly benefited from Rizvi, Wlth. Smith and Marja Tiilikainen for their insightful observations. Harm Reduction or Promotion of a Danger- ous Practice? Uppsala University 4 As I was learning the traditional massage with this old bidan, claudia.

Notes 5 The Islamic resurgent movement in Malaysia has its roots in reformist movements of the s and s, associated 1 Bide in the local Malay dialect of the three Muslim provinces with the Kaum Muda or Young Group see Peletz located on the eastern coast of southern Thailand Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat corresponds to the standard Malay bidan. These practices show multivalent resonance Adult singles dating in Pekin, Illinois (IL body, society, eroticism and health.

These practices are related to notions of femininity, womanhood, eroticism, pleasure and health. They are an expression of female strategic power. The article discusses the appropriateness of considering these practices as FGM and stresses the need to rethink discourses on sexuality.

It raises the issue of developing a clear definition on genital mu- tilation. The article is part of a WHO multi-country research project on Gender, Sexuality and Vagi- nal Practices and is based on ethnographic data gathered during in the Tete Province in Mo- zambique.

It studies local notions of Wives want hot sex WA Mansfield 98830 that include beauty, sexuality, pleasure, well-being, health, reproduction, fertility and pain. Introduction eliminate secretions, semen or odours, using various products via topical or internal application are the most widespread of Women, in different periods of their lives and with vari- these and may Mature massages with Contin ending observed in various countries and on dif- ous motivations and purposes, carry out interventions on their ferent continents Joesoef et al.

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His case of being a workaholic got worse and barely spends time with her. Under the stars one night, they try to sort things out and it lead to something more wonderful.

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