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Naturally, I remember the night I met my husband. We were walking along the seawall on a lovely evening in San Diego, having met over dinner at a nearby hotel, and were exchanging all the usual get-acquainted questions.

Eventually, he asked where I went to college.

Princeton on the prowl to emasculate men - Washington Times

He was right on that score. Before he went to medical school, my husband attended Cal State Los Angeles, which is a fine state college but not in the same echelon as—well—Princeton.

Not in the first hour of our acquaintance, at least. A long time has passed since that meeting, but apparently nothing has changed—young women still hesitate before admitting to potential suitors that they went to an Ivy League college.

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The video opens with a first date scenario bktch a picnic table in a park: The rap that follows is clever and very funny. Muller makes some excellent points about the dating challenges that intelligent women often face, and about the precarious Princeton male for a bitch of an acting career even with a Princeton degree.

The young man from Wharton beats a hasty retreat.

All this inspires me to raise a few questions. Is it just Princeton, or do all Ivy League graduates feel reluctant to acknowledge foe rarefied educational pedigree to new acquaintances?

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Does the distant echo of F. Scott Fitzgerald and This Side of Paradise still resonate, or is there something more?

The interracial romance is a key part of the plot, but when the writers wanted the perfect detail to evoke the social class disparity between the lovers, they made him an alumnus of—wait for it—Princeton.

Princeton male for a bitch and the Pricneton society Skull and Bones. Do Princeton men share the reticence of Princeton women about trotting out their Tiger credentials?

Or do women in general feel more need than men to appear modest about their educational attainment? Most of the time, I simply smile and say yes. My own daughter is about to graduate from Princeton in two weeks.

This assumption was definitely asymetrically applied in my old neighbourhood though, my husband was never told to hide his ivy credentials when he was dating. Karen…I do believe that Penn is a bit further south than is Tigertown, but your points are all right on.

Yes, men hide it too.

Particularly if we were in Terrace. I think getting a degree from Princeton or one of the other Ivy League schools is an accomplishment. More importantly, it was Princetkn great experience.

What we do after college is what really matters and speaks to who we are. Regardless of where you go to college, I believe you can be a good dr even if you go to a state college.

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Not everyone can afford them and medical school is very rigorous, and many of them are very picky about whom they pick. Mail required - will not publish.

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