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Single tech geek looking for someone

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I am looking Huge dick in Manukau a term which clearly defines somebody as a non-geek, without being derogatory. The best example I have seen is mugglebut it needs context to be understood, as in "You don't meet many muggles at a comic convention", or "even my muggle friends like my autologlyph fractal decal".

But while "muggle" makes it clear that he is a part of the "majority which is different", it is often hard to guess who the minority is. There are also Single tech geek looking for someone specific words, but they are mostly so derogatory that I would consider them rude even in a joke, like luser or n00b.

I definitely don't want to use them in a normal conversation. Layman could be used to describe someone who is "untrained or lacks knowledge of a subject". In terms of an antonym jock as in high school sports hero, not someone from Scotland is at the opposite pole Single tech geek looking for someone the social spectrum to geek. If you're looking, instead, to indicate that the person simply lacks all the qualities of a geek then normal is one option, because that indicates they're in the middle of any spectrum.

I was at a geek gathering where we received a talk by a self-titled non-geek, so that seems Beautiful adult ready casual encounter College to be understood by anyone.

I Looking Nsa Single tech geek looking for someone

The problem with categorising non-geeks with a single word is that geek signifies a group. Not being part of a group is not a remarkable thing, most people are not part of most groups, so you're looking for a word that describes people who don't have the properties of a geek.

That’s not to say some customers aren’t looking for more. There are apparently “tons” of single people in Sweden, where the idea originated, CNET reported, citing Elin Axelsson, PR manager. Need assistance with your Free Geek computer? Tech Support is available Tuesday-Saturday from 10am to pm. and 6 months of tech support. I am someone who uses a computer but is not technologically proficient to solve some of the problems that arise. Having a resource that I was able turn to for a recent mechanical difficulty was a. Geek is Single - S. Desoto Ave Howard Ave, Tampa, Florida - Rated based on 11 Reviews "Wonderful site full of great people and sincere mind" Jump to. my name is Anthony and I have a single self-proclaimed loser was looking for somebody with similar interests/5(11).

If someone has these properties, then they are tagged as a geek, otherwise they're not tagged. And there are plenty of us Single tech geek looking for someone identify with "Geek" but not with that particular work. Or in many cases with any fiction at all. Many geeks are pure tech geeks. This never really seems to work. Whether you try to call those outside of an Single tech geek looking for someone group "squares", "straights", "mundanes", "norms", Sinhle or what have you, it always ends up looking really dated, really quickly.

This is about the closest I've seen. Songle terms for non geeks are coined by geeks and tend towards derision. In somekne conversation or normal writing I'd suggest:. Not by any regular convention I've heard. I think it is dependent on context. Professionally I use the term someonr user.

Generally I like user: The common man has an out dated feel but common person can Singlr used easily both formally and informally. If you are able to use the reasonable person in speech it aught to be as easy to use. It also has no technical connotation yech user and unlike layman does not have the connotation there is a technical skill level or lack there of, perhaps as the author is talking down.

In foor above I take the use of common people to suggest the people are Single tech geek looking for someone and interesting and the the effect is positive. Here 'friends' was dropped as common people suggests the average or normal, and I don't think it was good to write "normal friends". We can see the effect is again positive, as it suggest there is universal artistic merit which can be understood by loooing anyone without saying anything about the audience, there is the feeling that the speaker is self aware but not absorbed.

This in some somepne suggest that a general audience although not as universal as the last example since layman and amateur have some relation who is not as skilled as the speaker but can still manage to appreciate the work. It doesn't exactly mean "non-geek," but the word neophyte is a really nice way to Chill sex community and have fun "beginner" or recently initiated, and Single tech geek looking for someone think it fits your context well.

I prefer veek use ' the average user '. For example, "For the average user, Linux and all its flavors are a mystery. Adding to the idea that "Muggle" is not appropriate, it has already been used by the geocaching crowd for many years to refer to those who might not be familiar with the activity. Such as, "be aware of muggles when finding this geocache" in a Housewives looking hot sex San Juan traffic location.

As many geocachers also tend to be geeks, this would cause further confusion. You can find it referred to in the glossary of terms here: A geek Single tech geek looking for someone a slang word for a computer expert, someone who loves computers or someone who is socially or physically awkward.

So, there are two meanings that you can use to look looklng antonyms and also the word geek is marked as slang, although I would rather call it informal, Horney divorced dads it got accepted by geeks and non-geeks, so it is not really limited to any group though the connotations of a meaning do vary depending on, primarily technological geeo of the one who uses the word; example - a geek for a stereotypical full-time beach surfer and for a stereotypical computer graphic designer refer to different people.

I believe that you should lookjng take that into account when looking for an antonym. Also, Lonely women in Cedar creek Nebraska you say that you disqualify n00bwhich I think is a quite fitting antonym for geek both geek and noob might or might Single tech geek looking for someone be considered derogatory!

Maybe you would want to clarify if you mean average user or you are looking for a synonym of noob, but with no derogatory connotations? Single tech geek looking for someone

In the Causal encounters Keller world of J. Rowling's book series Harry Potter, a muggle is a person who lacks any sort of magical ability and was not born into the magical world.

In the Harry Potter books, non-magical people are often portrayed as foolish, sometimes befuddled characters Single tech geek looking for someone are completely ignorant of the Wizarding world that exists tevh their midst.

If, by unfortunate means, non-magical people do happen to observe the working of magic, the Ministry of Magic sends Obliviators to cast Memory Charms upon them—causing them to forget the event.

So you can see Singoe the term has now come to apply to techno-wizardry as well. In support of the use of muggles in other domains, they further write:.

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The word muggleor mugglesis now used in various contexts in which its meaning is similar to the sense in which it appears in the Harry Potter book series. Generally speaking, it is used Single tech geek looking for someone members of a group to describe those outside the group, comparable to civilian as used by gdek personnel.

nouns - Is there a word for a non-geek? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

Whereas, in the books, muggle is consistently capitalised, in other uses it is often all lower case. How about "normies", or "straights" as in "Guys, you're scaring the straights!

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Just drop the hyphen. Married and looking in grandview that makes a neologism, so be it, I geek. Nongeeks are the new Aunt Tillies or whatever. If you like, camelcase it: I look at questions like this and debate whether you're really serious about this question. Why do you think the word muggle exists - Rowling had to make a Single tech geek looking for someone up!

All nonsubjective terms to describe your Single tech geek looking for someone person or group of people who are not geeks. Thank you smoeone your interest in this question.

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20 Reasons To Date A Geek

A search in antonym dictionaries didn't bring up anything. Is there really no such word?

It would only work if you gave it the right context though. I sometimes hear people talk about "geeks and regular folks", but the latter isn't a single word.

How about "Absolute complement of the geek set?

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It'll help boost your geek cred at the same time. Vincent Malgrat Vincent Malgrat 1 6 6. It suffers the same ambiguity as muggle. Layman in general means someone without professional knowledge. I see lookibg real parallel between layman and muggle.

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The former is long-established, and suggests someone with average sometimes, above-average knowledge of a subject, but no consuming desire to become more committed to the formal study thereof.

Educated layman is a common and approving term.

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Despite claims for it to have pre-existed, muggle is Rowling's derogatory neologism for fictional people who neither know nor care about fictional wizardry.

It is now used among many geeks of all types to refer to non-geeks in a non-derogatory way.

Single tech geek looking for someone I Am Looking Sex Tonight

I'm no Potter scholar, and I'm not familiar with muggle outside that context anyway. But looking at this discussion it seems clear to me that in Rowling's books muggle is usually somewhat less than neutral, even though mudblood is clearly more offensive.

By contrast, a layman is usually someone being spoken well of, despite his not having formal qualifications or position. Single tech geek looking for someone

It's not often there is a word for not having a complex set of properties. Not all non-geeks Single tech geek looking for someone jocks, and, though it may be rare, there's no reason a jock can't also be a geek. Sorry, MonicaCellio, I was going for the stereotype as applied to high school social soomeone. If you look around the popular media then it is quite clear that lookinf and geeks are at opposite ends as stereotypes.

Typical teenage ingroup — outgroup behaviour. Sure, but I think the OP meant to include the many folks who aren't either. High school is a world unto itself. Jocks are sports geeks. Those sports uniforms that fans wear are just cosplaying. Don't use trch, it is kind of specific to one particular fictional work. Non-Geek is probably Single tech geek looking for someone safest and most accurate.

Heck, in its classic sense the opposite of "Geek" would be "Rube". Skip Huffman Skip Huffman 3 5.

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Depending on your audience this may be seen as confusing, amusing, or offensive. Are you confusing the word "muggle" with "mudblood"? Muggle wasn't derogatory or a slur Singlle the Harry Potter books.